Well, some of the heavy hitters from the season either Netflix still has yet to release, despite my current addiction to the manga, Kakegurui. Or Anime Strike will never allow me to see it thanks to the current double paywall, Made in Abyss and Princess Principal. Anyway, although I would probably put Fate/Apocrypha here, again Netflix and their required Binge Watching ways, honestly has yet made me watch pass episode two, much like Little Witch Acadamia. So enough of my complaining, the best series I could talk about is, Knight’s and Magic? (At least there were no Fall Season shows worth complaining about that I couldn’t see)

waiting for fate

I mean, I guess Knight’s and Magic was the best series from the summer. I would love to put New Game S2 here, and honestly, I don’t want to put it here since that would make it the second sequel that was best of the season, which honestly may seem bias. But anyway, I am just going to talk about that instead. Mostly since although the manga is continuing the anime did something wonderful. It did end at a spot in the manga, however the spot does give the anime the feeling that this could be considered an ending. There is still room to grow, but since the anime ended really close to the manga, a third season would not be for several more years. With how close season one and two aired, well, a third season may seem unlikely. Still the show did mix things up in the second season and certainly kept things interesting, especially towards the end.

thumbs up aoba

As for Knight’s and Magic, despite being pretty interesting at times in terms of technology, there were times where it felt rather rushed, apparently, they covered nearly all the light novels released in its 13 episodes. There are about 6 or 7 volumes it covered. It was still rather fun and interesting, and although I started it late in the season I found myself wanting to continue it rather badly and it became an anime to look forward to.

So, I guess two series where the best of the season for me. Anyway, feel free to comment what you thought was the best series from the summer.

Happy Holidays

– Joe