So, a lot of the shows I want to talk about are two cour. I have no problem with that. So, I guess I will start with the obvious one, which I won’t talk a lot about, The Ancient Magus’ Bride. I am reviewing it here, and well, for those who do not read my reviews, I started reading the manga back in April. After watching the OVAs I wanted to know what the series was like. Soon I was quickly hooked on the manga. I probably would put it at my favorite ongoing manga, since the two that did have that title ended some time ago.

Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 12

Anyway, the anime is nicely done. It will admit at times it feels like not much happens. But, it is not like it gives me a slow pace feel, the episode starts and in a moment’s notice, it is over. To top it off between the mix of how magic is seen and just the scenery in general, the show does a great job animating the manga and capturing those aspects well.

Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 10

Now, for the show I am going to also talk about. I really wanted to talk about it since it really caught me off guard on how much I am enjoying it, Garo Vanishing Line. Now, this is the third anime of Garo. All of them are self-contained, and each one I have tried before hasn’t turned out so well. The first anime mostly comes down to forgetting to continue, while the second one just wasn’t the greatest. Both are fantasy like, while this one is set in modern times. I really like it, between the action, characters, and more recent episodes kicking up the drama. It really caught me off guard with how much I am into the series, looking forward to it each week, and I mean it really caught me off guard. I honestly thought I would last an episode or two and be done, when quite the opposite was true.


Feel free to mention your favorite show from the fall season?

Happy Holidays.

– Joe