Wasn’t this obvious? I mean, I typically want to stay away from using series multiple times for these days, since I then later have that considered to be the best of the year. Maybe it is the fact I have it for multiple days that there was a lot I enjoyed so it was easy to make it the best of the year. Who knows, but time to talk about Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid once again.

So, Best Daughter of the Year went to Kana, since who could deny that adorable little dragon of that title?



Best Couple goes to Kobayashi and Touro, because well, that final episode was really what sealed the deal in terms of a confession.

dragon maid 3

Lastly that opening theme is insanely good.

So, what else about this series that I like, well, there is a lot to say the least.

The characters I think has to stand out the most. I know in recent months I have not really said this, but characters can make or break a series. Even if the plot is the greatest in the world, if a lot of the characters are annoying or bland, it can ruin it. Sometimes even great characters can save a series with a terrible plot. Well, the plot does not interfere in this case. But the characters are certainly a lot of fun, and while some do get more attention than others, each one is rather unique and goofy or serious bringing some unique charm to this series.

dragon maid 2

Now, as for the plot, most episodes are fairly self-contained and light-hearted. The final few episodes changed this and kicked up the drama. Somehow it really worked. It gave emotional impact, and really all the fun and random moments leading up to it gave the series more of an emotional impact when it came to the relationship and character development.

There is a lot more I could say, but I think it is pretty clear I will just keep praising this show. There are a lot more out there, but this year this series was the most memorable to me and one I enjoyed the most.

Feel free to comment what you thought was the best series you saw this year, new or old.

Although I won’t say this again until next year, Happy Holidays.

– Joe