We have reached the halfway point for the series. Well, this episode went right where I expected it, although the ending showing scenes I don’t recognize for upcoming episodes is a bit concerning. But for the series to get there that is still hopefully five to six more episodes. Anyway, enough about future episodes time to focus on the current ones.

The Plot:

Starting off the episode again, similar to ep 11, with Elias alone and contemplating his emotions, only this time more directed at his thoughts on Chise and what she has given to him.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 1

Back to Chise, and well Lindel reminds Chise that she is not a bother, also the fact she is a bit more deft and quick to learn than Elias so he likes her a bit more. Chise’s wand however is officially finished, and so Lindel does a song to enhance the magic, and his singing is still amazing.

Upon touching the wand Chise is transported to I guess purgatory where she sees Nevin, again. He wished to thank Chise for using a branch of his for her wand. He also wanted to talk to Chise. He wants her to talk out loud and get her thoughts out.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 4

Well, for starters she is lonely and sad, and doesn’t want to be a burden to Elias because she doesn’t want to be used and tossed aside. While Nevin responds with “Would Elias really do that?” Chise realizes he would not. Nevin says Chise needs to stop worry as much about being abandon.

Then it goes to the heavy stuff. Nevin mentions how Chise’s mom tried to kill her. Ultimately, she did not only to take her own life. Now, it probably is also a good reminder than Chise’s father left with her younger sibling prior to this. Following her mother’s death Chise was constantly pushed from one home to the next and no one wanted to care for her because of her sight, or what she would claim to see.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 7

But, Nevin is grateful that Chise’s parents abandon her. While Chise still views the fact that it just means she was worthless, Nevin sees it differently. Because they left her, Chise could touch so many lives and help so many people. Nevin could fly again in his final moments, the cat guy and his wife were able to go to peace, and Chise even helped Ruth. She was able to do so much and help so many people. So now he waits for her to be proud of herself because of these accomplishments.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 8Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 9

Upon accepting Nevin’s words she is transported back. Well, she gets a little excited and really wants to tell Elias something. Next thing she does is fly in the sky from the Land of Dragons back to England. Of course, she meant to warp there more like Elias, but well, she tried. Plus, that scene was really lovely.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 10Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 11

Well, when Chise landed, she tried to explain it all to Elias, only to get a mix of embarrassed and falling unconscious again due to using too much magic. Poor girl can’t last an arc without going unconscious.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 12

She dreams of a time when she was little. Her family was happy. Also, her dad and mom said something really weird like how maybe one of them knew the truth about Chise’s sight, but well, maybe I was misinterpreting things. Anyway, they were all happy.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 13

Thus, the episode ends with Chise waking up and the start of a much happier Chise to come.

Ancient Magus bride ep 12 pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

This was certainly a more emotional episode, and honestly a great way for the halfway point. It allowed for a nice reflection on what has come before, while at the same time providing a nice change to what is to come. It was nice bringing the focus back on Chise and her journey. She had trouble realizing her own growth and held onto the past so dearly, now she has accepted it allowing for her to grow.

I will admit, Nevin saying how he was glad Chise’s parents left her, at first, I really did not like that being said, but it was twisted in a way to be positive. It also allowed for Chise’s realization. It was because of her abandonment that made her so focused on the idea of her being worthless. She was unable to realize the fact she helped all of those people, that to them made her not be worthless. Without her they would have not turned out the way they did.

Now, sure she is a bit happy at the end of the episode. We won’t see a real change until the next one. Plus, there is the fact she has been trying to tell Elias for a few episodes now and every chance she gets something prevents her. But it is still nice to see what she is feeling is (possibly) not one-sided. In fact, this episode did a better job at the start with Elias and his realization. Sure, there is probably something else he realized, but what he realized, may not be what we hope he has. Still, he acknowledges that Chise is really important to him, in some form or another, and she has changed him, when he thought nothing more of her at the start.

Now, I am glad this was the hallway point, and obviously it because of all the reflection and realization that has happened this episode. There are 12 more episodes to follow, and well, a dramatic realization in the characters is a nice way to kick off the second half. More life is brought to them, and now more meaning can come to them.

Obviously, I enjoyed this episode, but from a storytelling perspective this episode was probably one of the best, and came at just the right time.

Overall Enjoyment: 100/100

Overall Score: A

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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