New year and pretty much the same old me. So, there are a few things I want to talk about. For starters, I was a bit burnt out after Christmas to get out The Ancient Magus’ Bride Ep 12 Review and any other post. So, I took the week off. This month is probably going to be a little light on content, but similar to how I hope to have content out in the future. But, more on that in a bit.

Life Stuff:

I am applying to about 4 or 5 graduate schools this month. Granted there is also the first two to three days of February as well, so expect that update post to be a day or two late as well.

So, content this month, if there is a delay, it means I been too busy to do anything blog related. I should probably say this over on Anime Corps’ twitter as this season I am not doing a new weekly series for weekly reviews here, and it will be just over at Anime Corps.

Blog Stuff:

Weekly Reviews of Ancient Magus’ Bride will continue, obviously. Now, as to why I am not picking up another show to review weekly here from the new winter season. Well, between being busy and having two series to weekly review. There is also the fact no shows caught my attention, and it is only a handful at most.

The show I am reviewing over at Anime Corps is Darling in the Franxx, which I am really excited for.

But, to combat this fact of not doing a new weekly review here, I am going to kick it up a notch and get more bulk episodes of Index reviews. I know I only got one out last month, and early last month too, but I want to do it bi-weekly, at least until the new anime has a more set release date.

smug index

Overall my ideal schedule I want to do here is the standard weekly reviews, then Index reviews bi-weekly on Wednesdays alternating with Top Fives or some other post. I still plan to monetize this blog, and with how busy I am this month, well, I want to get started setting things up.

There will also be first impressions, most likely into a single post. I think I am going to stop doing final impressions, this is mainly due to not finishing shows, or the ones I continue go on for a second cour so there is no justification to do a final impression of shows.

So, expect that out later in the month.

Blog Layout:

So, normally I change the layout once a year, sometimes willingly, and sometimes not so much. I am rather fond of the current layout, which has been set for a year and a half now. I only changed it since I realized with the last layout and my now huge monitor, that it did not center itself. So, half a page on one side vs half a blank page on another looked weird. But I find no issues with that.

Now, when it comes to pages however, that is going to be changed. Setting up weekly reviews, well, I am going to have it changed for shows each year. So, all the shows I reviewed in 2015 will be one page and so on. Now I will make special cases, like with Twin Star Exorcists being 50 episodes and Ancient Magus’ Bride being 24. All episodes will be together on a separate page.

Other changes will be probably for seasonal impressions, just not as much for years. But, impressions for 2015-2017 will be a page, and 2018 will begin a new page.

I am still thinking of the details, but those ones will be the ones that change, since of all the posts, those ones have the most to them. Now of course I still been meaning to update all pages, so that adds more work that needs to be done. I was meaning to last month, but I had a grad school application due which was taking up the time when I wasn’t working on all the posts last month.

Other stuff:

Now, last year it felt like I had hardly any content coming out. It was just weekly reviews and nothing more. I want to change that this year. Now, I know most of what is planned is weekly reviews. But, my resolution this year is getting my book out there for submissions more and get this place monetized. Now, I will admit, how this blog currently is I probably could do it. However, I want to make it a place where monetizing it becomes justified with the content that comes out and the variety of content that comes out. So, I do hope to get more series reviews out, mainly for shows I reviewed weekly this past year, but other reviews as well. I might stick away from manga and comic reviews, since I never liked the fact the pictures I took had to be off my phone. So, anime will be the main focus, but maybe some games or movies too.


So, with that said, thank you for sticking with me this past year and hopefully you stick around for what is to come.

Any suggestions are always appreciated too.