Let me just start by saying, I miss the first opening them. I am glad however it doesn’t show any scenes for what is to come, so there is at least that. Anyway, not much else to say, other than the fact the 3 part prequel OVA’s that Chise tells Elias does happen in this episode, so, now is a good time to watch those OVAs if you haven’t already. So, yeah, let’s start.

The Plot:

There is a rather ominous message before the opening theme. I mean, it makes it sound like something bad will happen. Also, it shows scenes from Volume 7, when the anime is now around volume 5 for the manga, to put that into perspective.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 1

Anyway, where last episode left off at around the last ten seconds or so is where this episode now kicks off. Well, the little wooly things, well, they are like animals, and it is around the time of year where they need to be sheered. They are apparently very warm too and can be used well with magic. To top it off Angelica asks Elias to sheer them.

But, after shearing for some time Elias gives the ominous message that will obviously happen, where if Chise sees one that is different, to go get him. Well, she does, and it attacks her. She was sort of lost in thought about trying to find the right time and thing to say to Elias about her past and how she really feels.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 4Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 5

Well, Elias saves her, and typical of Chise, she falls unconscious, this poor girl still cannot get a break. This time however, it is due to the cold. The bug takes the warmth from people and uses it to breed.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 6

Anyway, Chise wakes up and has a rather interesting talk with Elias. Mostly, filling him in on what happened with Lindel. Chise nearly gets her mind erased for learning about Elias wanting to eat people, but she doesn’t want that since what she learned dealt with someone she cared about. She goes onto explain about her family.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 7

Also, I really forgot something important like how both of Chise’s parents had the sight. This really brings the question on why her dad left, and why her mom killed herself. I mean I thought they left because Chise’s constant whining about the scary things she sees. But if they could see them, well, they know what she was going through. There must be something else there to it. But whatever, that is a plot point for another day, probably.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 8Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 9

Elias also reveals how he felt while Chise was gone, thus allowing him to realize the human emotion of loneliness.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 10

Some time passes so Chise can study and the scene from the OVA happens.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 11

It cuts back to Chise and conveniently has a rather important page in a book open that will be relevant next episode.

Ancient Magus bride ep 13 pic 12

The episode then ends with a mysterious guy putting a fox pelt on Chise, turning her into a fox.

Overall Thoughts:

I am really glad for that short little scene from the OVA. So, I am glad that they have found subtle ways to include it into the anime without stating it. The previous episode had a short scene of the flashback, while this one confirmed when Chise told Elias her story.

But, this episode brought up some key points. I won’t go into about Chise’s parents, since I already touched on that. Still it is weird. The other thing that I saw as important was Elias realizing his human emotions. This will be important for episodes to come, since in the manga, he is going to start feeling other emotions that revolve around Chise and what she is doing. This is the start of a change for this character. I liked how Chise compared him to a child because of these realizations, and well, with the emotions he will be showing coming up, is very childlike in how he handles it. Elias may be great with magic, but he is not human, he never had that understanding of certain things like Chise has, as shown in the flashback episodes. He may be a very old creature, but there are some things about him, that just show he is not done maturing. It is nice to see the effect Chise has on him, and

But, that important page, well, it is going to be important for what will hopefully be the next two episodes. It will probably be just one, but, the effects it has will be a few episodes to say the very least.

This episode was rather nice, giving a sort of next step in Chise and Elias’ relationship. Although both are either unsure or refusing to reveal their emotions, having them realize that the other is important to them is a nice next step.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B+

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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