Time to continue the somewhat slow hype train to Season Three.This time it is the second half of the longest arc in the entire anime. Well, I mean, there is the fact that a lot of explanation is going on and world building. So, this is the most detailed the series gets to save time in the long run. . Either way, let’s get finished with the end of the anime’s coverage of volume 1 of Index.

Episode 4 Plot:

So, Toma ran into Kaori, and well, here comes about 90 percent of the episode. So, those two talk. She says she doesn’t want to use her magic name, since she would have to kill him. The two fight, and Toma realizes she isn’t even using magic, but ultra-thin wires. Although, her magic may be the ultra-thin wires, in general.

Index S1 Ep 4 Pic 1Index S1 Ep 4 Pic 2

But, ultimately, Kaori drops the bomb that she actually works for the same church as Index. Index only sees them as enemies, due to the fact that she has her memory erased once a year. Index remembers everything she has ever seen, thus so her brain doesn’t kill her from remembering all these things, she gets her memory erased. She beats up Toma some more say how he knows nothing about what it is like constantly building up new memories only for Index to lose them again.

Index S1 Ep 4 Pic 3

Toma also finds out that Index’s memory will be erased in three days. Of course, he is then beaten unconscious. Toma and his always rotten luck, wakes up three days later with Stiyl and Kaori at the door ready to take Index away.

Episode 5 Plot:

So, Toma is given the fact that Index is going to lose all her memories. He is given the remaining time to say his goodbyes. He is also told that the deadline is midnight when the memory needs to be erased.

Index S1 Ep 5 Pic 1

But, long story short, since this episode is pretty much Toma trying to find a way to save Index, only to discover there is no way a person’s memory could hurt them. That and his teacher points out that a person’s brain, no matter how much memory is stored, can store up all the data of what a person sees up to 140 years. So, Toma realizes this was just the church’s way of controlling Index so she would not turn the 103000 Grimoires against them.

Index S1 Ep 5 Pic 2

Toma then goes to try to deactivate the spell that will kill Index if her memory is not erased, only for John’s Pen mode to kick in to end the episode.

Index S1 Ep 5 Pic 3

Episode 6 Plot:

Thus, finally the first arc comes to a close. Where to begin exactly. I mean, the first arc I remember the most. Oddly enough my memory of the series becomes more forgetful as the series progresses. But, more on some part of this episode in a bit.

Index is still on the attack. But, Toma is trying to fight it. He gives his speech how it is now the time for Styil and Kaori to help allow for Index to finally remember everything. Also Toma explains how pretty much they have been screwed over and lied to by the church in order to keep everyone under control. Still, it was to protect themselves if Index were to betray them, yeah, now that they know, the idea doesn’t sound as farfetched.

So, they help, Toma is able to put an end to Index’s rampage. Thus, putting an end to the spell that will kill her if she does not get her memory erased. Index is free, but during the battle feathers were released and each one is insanely powerful and one does happen to hit Toma in the head.

Index S1 Ep 6 Pic 1

Toma wakes up sometime later. The doctor explained to Index that Toma lost his memory. When Index goes to see Toma, she spills everything, how much he means to her, and everything they been through. Toma then pulls a fast one, how he remembers everything, thanks to his right hand.


Index S1 Ep 6 Pic 2Index S1 Ep 6 Pic 3


This was a lie. As soon as Index leaves the doctor asks why would Toma do that. Well, the answer was simple, despite all his memories being erased, a part of him did not want to make Index cry. Thus, he starts acting like he never lost his memory, although this isn’t really brought up or even play a role in the series after two arcs. Honestly, it is weird, but understandable later, sort of.

The episode ends with Styil being told about how Deep Blood is in the city, it may or may not really exist, and if it really does it confirms vampires exist. Also, how he needs to team up with Toma, since he knows really nothing about what goes on in the city, so, they are stuck together.

Index S1 Ep 6 Pic 4

Overall Thoughts:

As I said, I remember the first six episodes rather well, granted yes, I sometimes do forget about the fact that it is six episodes covering a single arc, but, still, I find it the most memorable. This being the first time I am seeing this series in a few years. I am starting to question exactly what did I forget and what I remembered about what happens later in the series.

These batch of episodes were certainly a lot stronger compared to the first three. This is mostly due to the switch from some action, to a lot more in comparison. Sure, there was some info dumping and a lot of time with questioning on what exactly to do, but it sets up the series as a whole. I mean it had to of worked, seeing there are 4 seasons of the anime, for two different series, a third season on the way, and the light novels are two series long with over 40 volumes total, so, something had to have been done right.

Anyway, there is more to catch in shows the more times you watch it. Well, it is not so different this time around. I did find it amazing how Styil’s cross, had Index’s name on the back of it. I never noticed that before, and honestly it was a nice touch. I mean, either Styil was given the cross from Index, or it was originally Index’s and something happened during one of the mind wipes.

There is also Kaori. I don’t think she has ever really demonstrated her full power. I mean, I still find it hard to tell if she is using magic, or it is even classified as magic when it comes to those wires. The closest the series has ever showed her potential in power was the film, but that is still a long time away from being covered.

The music is always really nice, be it when they are attacking or some sort of drama appears. Granted it is always the same sounds, but they are just done in such the perfect way to add onto the series as a whole.

Now, I said and will continue to say how much I enjoy this series, I mean it has been one of my favorite since I first saw it nearly six years ago. So, although I want to keep it with as little bias as possible, it will be tricky. This will be a bit tricky in a few arcs.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Plot Score: B-

This show is over almost a decade old, so may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

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This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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