Hello, it is finally time to start the first new season of the year. Well, as of right now I plan to stop doing mid and final impressions of the season. I am only doing this because by the end of the season, I either dropped a vast majority of the shows or well, still working on finishing the shows of the previous season by the time the first impressions post is out for the new season. However, I plan to try to bring back that idea of doing a “Best of” for each season at the end (with exception of the fall season). But enough about that long-winded way of explaining the future of these posts, and let’s get right into the new season.

I will state where each show can be found for legal streaming, which is pretty much either Cruncyroll and Funimation unless stated.. None of the shows I am watching are Amazon Exclusive, while few can be found on Netflix. Now, the new Fate/Extra anime is much later in the season and will not be covered in this post (mostly since most shows will be on their third or fourth episode by the time it airs).

Shows I am Reviewing:

The Ancient Magus’ Bride:

I won’t say much, but, again, I am continuing the reviews here weekly. The series is in its second half. I won’t say much more than that.

Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 14

Darling in the FranXX:

I am reviewing this over on Anime Corps.

I liked the first episode so I have no complaints. First review can be found here.

Darling in the Franxx ep 1 pic 1

Everything Else:

Pop Team Epic:

This show is streamed by everyone, Funimation is doing a dub, Sentai licensed the sub for HiDive, and Crunchyroll has it too.

I honestly thought I was going to get a show with a plot. I see some of the manga panels, since a lot of people are crazy for the manga. Well, what I got was, exactly how the manga was set up. The first episode, could easily be done in 10 minutes. They did the show twice, once with old men doing the voices of the 14-year-old girls, then again with female voice actors. To top it off there were plenty of parodies, repeat jokes, and absolutely no sense of anything. So, exactly how the manga is.

I do not know if I will get bored with this show. I surprisingly really enjoyed it, despite how that last paragraph sounded. Only time will tell, this show could have been done in shorts, so who knows how it will be able to handle a 23 minute series. I mean, even the anime made a joke about the fact it was full length and they do not know what to think.

For now, it was surprisingly enjoyable, despite nothing world-changing about it.

There is certainly hype, but it will take a few episodes to know if this show will be able to hold for the long run. I am certainly curious and will hope for the best.

Overall Enjoyment: Pop Team Epic/100

pop team epic

Laid Back Camp (Yuru Camp)

I had no intention of watching this series. This is going to be a norm for some shows this season. But, I was curious, and checked it out. I was mainly waiting for new shows to air, and being the starting week, not much airs the first few days. Well, I surprisingly really liked it. I am not big on camping, but this show made me like what they are doing. It is cute, silly, and honestly, the best way to describe it, a comfy anime.

I can picture this being the show of the season I could use to just relax before rushing off to do a bunch of graduate school application work, like I will be at the start of this season, or even later on in the season where I am working on job applications. It is relaxing and I can see this being a nice stress reliever for an anime.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100


Record of Grancrest War (Grancrest Senki)

Well, this one I found surprisingly enjoyable. It has been awhile since I saw an anime that was pure fantasy. It does give the feeling this could be really rushed depending on the episode length. This will come down to how future episodes are, since it can be tricky to fully judge a series off the first episode.

But, it was still interesting. It started to give off the feeling of it being about slaying the Demon lord, when it is actually being able two countries at war.

Back to the fantasy elements, well, magic and sword fighting were pretty neat, I do hope there is more to it. It has the basics going for it so far, but again, I do hope this change. I do not want it to be all about the war, I would like a few more fantasy elements mixed in so it will be a bit more interesting.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100


It is trash and I love it.



Katana Maidnes: Toji no Miko

It was alright. I am really curious, since the plot the series was given was covered in the first episode. The show being two cour, well, it is hard to judge this off one episode. Unlike Record of Grancrest War, this one ends on a cliffhanger and pretty much throws everything it built up in the first episode out the window at the very end.

The show, as it was, was okay at best. The second episode will be the real test, granted I still haven’t watched it despite episode three airing.

Overall Enjoyment: Okay/100, so like 70/100 I guess?

Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen (Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san)

Again, just another alright show. Much like Yuru Camp, I originally had no intention of watching it. Unlike Yuru Camp, I just wanted to watch it to pass time since nothing but those two series were airing that day.

However, this show does have a few things going for it. The first being how it handles ramen, it goes into detail, and talks about it rather in-depth. So, this is certainly a food focus show where information will be plentiful. The other being how the character interaction, it was nice, and was able to complement how it handles the food aspect.

Unfortunately, I can see this show getting stale rather quickly. I have given it the three episode test, and honestly I still feel just okay about the show. I won’t be surprised if it is dropped.

Overall Enjoyment: Okay-ish/100, so like 75/100 I guess?


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

For starters, I am still watching the first series. My original plan was to hopefully finish the original series before episode 6 of this one. Well, I kind of watched the first two episodes like nothing. I really enjoyed it. It is nice to see the follow-up and where the characters go, since the final of the first series. Granted, I am still watching the first one, but I certainly have questions on when events will happen to get to the point where Clear Card starts.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

cardcaptor time

Overlord Season 2

I finished season one right before episode two aired for season two. I really enjoyed the first series, although I did drop it when it originally aired. I am glad I went back to the first series for a second chance, and so far the second season is turning out interesting.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

How to Keep a Mummy

This show is cute and surprisingly enjoyable. I rather like it. Not much to say other than that.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100


Dagashi Kashi Season 2

I enjoy it like the first. Simple as that.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

dagashi s2

Maerchen Maedchen

This show was rather interesting, for the first episode. I rather enjoyed the set up and how it is going to focus on magic, something that at first only seems to come from stories, but this series is about discovering magic. But, also from that first episode it is safe to say there will be a lot of action, comedy, and probably random ecchi moments. Still, for once it did not bother me, and I did like this series and would like to see where it could go next.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Shows I plan to Watch:

Fate/Extra Last Encore:

As previously stated it airs real late into the season when most shows will be on their third or fourth episode. Plus, at the time of writing this, nothing was announced for license.

Devilman Crybaby:

Netflix has both a dub and sub out with all 10 episodes released. I mean, I plan to still watch it. But I only got through half the first episode since someone else in my family wanted to watch Netflix. Someday I will get back to this series.


That other Fate Series that involve Saber Eating:

I can’t wait.


I believe that covers everything I am watching. There are a few shows Sentai has that are on HiDive, however, I will wait until the end of the season to think about getting a subscription there to try out those shows and the new shows in the spring that might be there.

Feel free to comment shows you are watching this season and your thoughts on them.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe