By the time this post is live, I am hopefully submitting my graduate school applications to be done with it. Thus, comes the wait for the next two and a half months until I know if I am accepted or not. Anyway, enough about that, let’s get right into what is coming out this month.

Blog Info:

So, now that my graduate school applications are done. It will make it a lot easier to get posts out when I want. I know last month I said I wanted to get out 2 Index Episode reviews. I only got one again. I was busier than I thought for those applications. But, there is a point why I brought up that review posts. It all comes back to monetization for the blog.

Now that I can put a lot more focus on the blog, well, posts can start coming out when I would like them too. Ancient Magus’ Bride reviews I want to aim to get out on Sunday’s again. I also decided to pick up the new Fate short that comes out once a month. It looks like they will be out on the first, so I will aim to get the out the following day. This would be the only time when it is not on a set day like the other posts. I only say the following day, due to the update posts being out on the first, so it would make sense if the review came out on the second.. I believe it comes out the first.

So, here is what my ideal schedule will look like:

Sundays: Seasonal Weekly Reviews (This will probably change)

The 2nd Day of the month: Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family Review

2nd and 4th Wednesday: Index Episode Batch Reviews (Once S3 gets closer reviews will be more frequent and may turn weekly)

3rd Wednesday: Top Five or some other post

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 1 pic 2

Of course, I would like to get other posts out other than reviews, but, at the same time I would like to try to get other reviews, that aren’t of weekly episodes. I was throwing around a few ideas, maybe after Index reviews are over, do a rewatch of one of my favorite shows, and do a batch episode review of that, I would probably do a poll, so that it is actually something people want to read. Of course it would also be an older series too, and not something I have reviewed here before. But, a few other ideas as well, such as the obvious series reviews, since I promised to do that for pretty much every series I reviewed weekly since fall 2016. That would honestly come close to getting me through the year. There are other ideas, discussions about anime, games, and comics, and other posts too. If I can actually get into the mood and write a bunch of series reviews, well, hopefully I can make a day set for that, but that won’t be until next month.

Personally, I would love to do video game reviews, but I have two issues:

  1. It takes me forever to sometimes beat a game.
  2. Most of the games I get are pretty outdated by a few years since I wait for sales.

Anyway, back to monetization stuff. I know I said last month I would be working on fixing links and pages. Well, with the fact I was a lot more busy than I thought, I will be working on it slowly, but surely this month. I need to look more into affiliation as well. So, if I do, don’t be surprised if some posts end up being sponsored in the future.

Also, my birthday is this month, I tend to do a post on my birthday, looking and thinking back, because I am old. My first year of blogging I did a Top 15 anime post. The thought came to me the last few weeks that I have not really given much thought what I would consider my Top 10 anime, and the list has changed over the course of six years. Some of the shows will still be on there. But I think maybe doing that for a birthday post might be a good idea. If not, well, I am doing that next month and will do something else for this month.

Other Stuff:

So, I am doing two things, well, trying to do two things this month. I want to aim to tweet out posts I did that week, both here and on Anime Corps, on Sundays. I did it last weekend on my personal twitter, but I think doing it on the official twitter for this site might be a better idea. It feels like I neglect it a lot, and I want to aim to try to use it more. There are no real promises, but I want to try.

Feel free to follow the official twitter: @reviewercorner1

Streaming video games, is the other topic. I did streams last year, but then completely stopped. I know, again, my issues relate again to, my games being outdated, and it takes me forever to beat games. I was thinking of doing Overwatch or Battlefield One, Overwatch is a possibility, but, at the same time, not so much. My brother was talking about how our internet is and what my computer could handle. Overwatch is a possibility and Battlefield is not. Either way, there will be random games, I want to try to do not as story intense games, like random Fallout New Vegas, doing random quests since I am pretty far into the story. Maybe return to Stardew Valley. But I also want to try to do other games as well, that would be a playthrough like Tomb Raider, which I tried to do.  I was also thinking of doing Portal. Then Portal 2 would be co-op with my brother. I am still throwing around ideas, so there are no real guarantee what games I would play.

I want to aim to stream on Friday afternoons. If I work, well, the stream would be at 4 pm est, and go for about an hour. If I don’t have work, well, I will probably start the stream earlier, and go for a lot longer.

There is no official twitter for it. But, I will be using my own. So, the streams would be on Which can be found here:

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 1 pic 1

Anything Else:

As I always say I am open to ideas for future posts. So, again feel free to. I did mention I want to bring back Top Fives. So, I will aim to. However, instead of just making it once a month, as I currently plan to. If I can gain enough ideas, then maybe once I start monetizing then I can have a day every other week dedicated to the posts, like how it originally was.

As for doing something like Patron. I think monetization could be a bit better. Mostly, since I cannot think of ideas on what I could do in return for pledgers and I don’t want people paying to see content early. Plus, all I ask for when it comes to monetizing, is to disable adblock. That doesn’t cost you anything, all you need to do is disable it on this site, which can easily be just two seconds out of your time, then any time you return it will still be disabled here.

So, this was a pretty big update. Anyway, as always, thank you and I hope you enjoyed.