Well, this episode covered pretty much everything I have read so far in volume 7 of the manga. With five episodes remaining, I really hope they won’t go past volume 8. From the preview for episode 19, I hope they will finish volume 7 by at least episode 20, then use the remaining episodes for volume 8, as 3 to 4 episodes tend to be the standard per volume. Either way, enough about all of that, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Stella is holding up her end of the bargain, where if they help save her brother, she pays Elias and Chise in sweets. Well, this certainly surprises Chise. There was also a little funny moment where Stella was mentioning how it looks nothing like a magus’ house, while Chise can clearly see all the creatures around her.

Anyway, the two spend some time together, chatting, and realizing how mature Stella is. To Chise’s surprise well, mine too, Stella is only ten years old. I could have sworn she was older, at least twelve, but clearly, I remembered wrong.

But, their time together quickly ends as Chise sees Elias leaving. He clearly was not going to his study like he originally said. So, Chise goes after Elias, while Ruth brings Stella home.

Ancient Magus bride ep 18 pic 3

Elias is in some monster like form, and well, Chise starts to have trouble keeping up. She pulls out her fox pelt, and turns into a wolf this time around. She quickly catches up only to be captured by Elias.

Ancient Magus bride ep 18 pic 4

Well, the two talk. It turns out Elias is a bit jealous. He is also very confused on his current mood. The two talk more, and Chise tries to find a means to get him out of this mood. Ultimately, after calling Ruth and Ruth being helped by the daughter version of the goddess from the previous episode, she pulls a knife threatening to cut herself if Elias doesn’t snap out of it, since he is nearly killing her. Well, just poking herself with the knife was enough.

Ruth comments how Elias and Chise’s relationship has changed. They do not seem like father and daughter, more like mother and son now.

Ancient Magus bride ep 18 pic 12

While that was happening, Joseph (so weird spelling it that way) aka Cartaphilius, he walks past Stella in London.

Ancient Magus bride ep 18 pic 7

Anyway, some time has passed and Chise sneaks out to London. Apparently, Elias is not waking up. Ultimately, after meeting with Angelica, and talking to her husband who will not live as long as Angelica due to not being magical, well, Chise learns a few things. Her talent with magic is singing, since she accidentally sung Elias to sleep. There is also the fact that well, even knowing you won’t live as long as your loved ones, you need to aim to live long for them. Anyway, Chise gets home and wakes up Elias quickly with a potion.

The episode ends with a rather angry Lindel trying to stop poachers and Cartaphilius from stealing dragons, which ultimately, they do.

Ancient Magus bride ep 18 pic 17

Overall Thoughts:

This episode felt a little all over the place. At the same time each one does affect the other. So, it all makes sense. I mean, the first part with Elias’ jealous was rather nice to see. There was nice drama, and certainly a dramatic conclusion. It shows how much Elias cares for Chise, while at the same time, much like Ruth said, their roles are changeable. Chise is coming off more motherly, and with how Elias is trying to learn his emotions, well, it is nice to see him learning a bit more, even if it leads to a darker side of him.

There was also the matter with Chise going to see Angelica. The manga put more emphasis of the fact that Chise discovered her talent with singing and magic together, even referencing Lindel’s magic. But, I did like the fact they changed the emphasis to be more on Angelica’s husband and the fact that his wife and daughter will outlive him, because they have magic. It adds to the drama. Sure, it would have been nice if they explained exactly what a talent means in terms of magic, which although it sounds just like it does, where it means they are better with magic and certain aspects of that magic.

Then as for the ending, well, that is more for a cliffhanger. At the same time it is starting to hint at something much darker in this series.

Still, this episode was enjoyable, but felt like the pacing was a bit weird, trying to cover too much. But, it still seemed somewhat connected. The ending more than anything could have been left out in an effort to focus more on Chise visiting Angelica, but still, it was a nice ending point.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: B

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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