I am not really sure where to begin. This update is probably going to be more real-life stuff than blog stuff. So, feel free to skip to the blog stuff, but the real-life stuff may affect the blog stuff.

For starters it is not like last year’s March Update where I gave myself the ultimatum where if I don’t write more than I am shutting down my blog. My stress was high due to not trying to submit it and write it as much. While my stress is still high this year. My writing still has dipped.

Yes, I will admit this is mostly since I been working on grad school stuff the last few months. The past month I wanted to be more than a break than anything. Well, I feel like I played way too many games and hardly watched any anime in general and wrote. Sure, I did write my novel a bit.

It is not like last year where I want to write 4 days a week. Sure, that certainly would be nice. But forcing my work has never been what I do, and when I do I never enjoy it as much as I should. In turn this makes me both question if I am on the right path and slowly destroys my mood. Of course, not writing also makes me feel this way, just less.

Anyway, I am getting too far ahead. I been playing too many video games. Well, this season nothing amazing is on too. The only shows I care for are down to just a handful or less. Counting the ones, I started last season. I still may think I am getting out of anime, but honestly, anime just hasn’t done anything different recently. It feels like plots are blending from one show to another, and honestly, I really need to make a post about this. But, I am seriously blaming too many games on the fact I am both not writing and watching anime making myself question these things. There was also the week off from work due to a school vacation, so I did spend anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours a day playing games. Lack of actual work is also a cause, since I was fine before that break.

Long story short, I am in a funk, and aim to cure it this month. Luckily the writing magazine I get does have several articles this month talking about monetizing blogs. So, I certainly will try to get back into the mood of both updating the blog, and writing more in general. I have a few ideas on how to set an appropriate schedule. I just need to somehow find a way to make it work when I am not at my job for the day.

Blog Stuff

So, I am really bad at the Index Reviews. My issue is not working on them in advance. I am in the mindset of watching it the day before I would like to get the post out. I honestly should get into the mindset of watching it a week before I want it out. Hopefully I will this month, that way I can get two a month out.

Ancient Magus’ Bride reviews are only behind since I haven’t read the manga. I really want to read it first before watching the episode. I have volume eight now, so, I just need to read them, and hopefully next week a new episode review will be out every other day to make up for it. Which also in turn cancels the original Index episode review plan.

Everything else, will be like how I hope to get the set schedule to become that I mentioned in the last month’s update:

Sundays: Seasonal Weekly Reviews (This will probably change)

The 2nd Day of the month: Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family Review

2nd and 4th Wednesday: Index Episode Batch Reviews (Once S3 gets closer reviews will be more frequent and may turn weekly)

3rd Wednesday: Top Five or some other post

I probably will be doing a Top 10 anime post this month though, as I did want to write one last month. Since Dragon Ball Super is ending, I would like to do two posts about it, one may be this month, while the other will be early next month.

Nothing else will be new this month, except that I may do a final impressions post, probably not though. I do hope to try to get some series reviews done at some point, and then find its own day for that. If anything, I may just store them away for when this blog is monetized to have more posts out then. I honestly don’t know.

Anyway, that is all, and feel free to give suggestions for anything you would like to see in the future.

– Joe