I honestly did not think I would be here again. Not only that, but I did not think I would be here waiting for season two, especially since the manga has ended. Still, it is nice to see it return for a pseudo-OVA, and it even it being legally streamed.  Anyway, let’s get right to it.

The Plot:

It is mostly a recap, but it is not all recap. It starts with Reigen watching a news story about a psychic who just made a best seller. So, naturally, since there is a lot of money involved, he wants to write a book.

mob ova 1 pic 1

So, he gets the help of Mob to be his scribe. At first Mob wonders what the books could be about. But, after all the things they went through, Reigen says they been through a lot, including foiling the plot of Claw. So, he already had a crowdfunding page started up and fliers printed to help get everything ready so people can fund the book to get it published.

So, thus the story of season one starts to get covered, of course all in Reigen’s image, it is a book about him. He even reminds Mob that the truth needs to be manipulated to get more drama and to keep people entertained.

But, Mob is also in charge of writing a section about himself. His brother even asks him if he is begin paid for the extra work. While to us it doesn’t look like much, but Mob is certainly okay being paid a whole 3 yen and minuscule amount of the total sales.

mob ova 1 pic 7mob ova 1 pic 8

Anyway, back to the recap, things get a little more fabricated, even going to the point of editing Reigen’s face over some of the characters.

Eventually all the fabrications are done, and Mob is glad to finish writing it. The journalism club and his friends bring up the fact that editors and publishers will look to make it as factually accurate as possible. So, him and his friends decide to look through and edit it. Ultimately finishing it.

Later on, Reigen decides to read the book, now that the sample copy is ready. He well, doesn’t like the changes. Seeing that all the fabrications are gone, Mob is now the main character, and well, despite being somewhat true, it does play him off to be a con artist. Then the OVA ends with S2 announced.

Overall Thoughts:

While, I don’t like reviewing recap episodes and watching them for that matter, this show finished airing nearly two years ago and I wanted to see it for a refresher. It is hard to believe it how it aired in the summer of 2016. Well, I still wished to cover it, seeing season two was announced as well. Plus, it was a nice review overall of the series to get it fresh in my mind once more and to get ready for season two, although that might not be out until next year. Either way I hope it covers a lot or even the rest of the manga, seeing that it ended. No surprise, but I do plan to review that too.

Now, as for the other details. Despite being a recap, it still had some originality to it. Trying to go through and watch it over again, only this time trying to see the fact where it was lies, and well, what was edited to be Reigen made it enjoyable. It was not just a set show of events. But it changed those events around. With recap episodes they tend to have scenes on why they are doing a recap and looking back. While this one did have a more enjoyable reason. It was nice to see a new touch to it.

As much as I would have enjoyed to see something more that wasn’t a recap, well, at least season two has been confirmed, and now comes to the wait.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: It’s a Recap So Slightly more than Average.

The OVA was licensed by Crunchyroll for streaming.

While it was mostly a recap, what where your thoughts on this series, and what do you think about the season two announcement.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe