I really hope some of this is original, or at least the next episode is. I have no idea on how it could continue. I mean Cartaphillius is seen as the last boss, or could be seen as this final villain for this series. But, then again there never really was a focus on him. This series can continue without him, and even since his appearance it is not like the other issues have dealt with him. But taking him on is certainly allowing for this feeling of conclusion. Anyway, let’s get right into it before the last time.

The Plot:

Elisa is in full-blown berserker beast mode. Yeah, losing Chise will do that too you. It is like me now realizing that since the anime covers volume 9, I now have to wait almost a year for new content.

Ancient Magus bride ep 23 pic 1

But, well, his scream sort of kills everything in a decent radius. Spriggan, or I guess Spriggans show up and well, he can become pretty big. But, before he subdues Elias even more, Titania shows up, only child like. She is apparently using a surrogate to get around. She pities Elias, and after saying she wouldn’t, she still does.

Anyway, she, and Oberon since he appears out of nowhere unsurprisingly. They agree to help Elias find Chise. But, also say that they need to live in their world. While Elias nearly agrees, he turns down their offer. More than anything he wants Chise by his side, and well, changes his way of thinking and knows going with the king and queen is not the right choice. They accept and offer to help Elias find Chise. Titania and him I guess fuse their magic powers together.

Also Mariel is back. Well, her coven leader knows what she did. Their goal is to never make anyone suffer. Well, she is told to fix her mistake. But, at the same time she simply wants her leader to care more about herself. So, Mariel goes out to fix her mistake.

Ancient Magus bride ep 23 pic 7Ancient Magus bride ep 23 pic 8

Now Chise is falling. So, we now get a glimpse of the past. Josef was never liked by anyone. One day her heard someone asking for help. That person is Cartaphillius. So, he starts to try to nurse him back to health, ultimately wanting to leave the town when he does.

Ultimately the two become one, since Josef was just suffering too much. Only he later found out after probably many years and as he started to forget himself, that well, he is now cursed. He realized Cartaphillius was cursed due to throwing a rock at the son of god.

So, learning this snaps Chise back to reality. Cartaphillius does not take too kindly to her learning his past. The two fight, only to not only have the queen and Elias save them, but also have Alice and Renford show up to support them.


Cartaphillius tries to make a run for it, well, Chise goes into pursuit. Elias is hesitant, but well, Renford gives him a pep talk how if he doesn’t want to lose Chise he needs to go.

Chise runs into Mariel, and well, they chase after Cartaphillius with Elias and Ruth. Mariel can also turn into a bull, so that was a thing. The episode ends with Chise having both Ruth and Elias promise something before confronting Cartaphillius.

Overall Thoughts:

So, I do like how Elias got character development, sort of. He just acknowledges that he really needs to change his way of thinking. More than anything he wants Chise to be by his side. So, with how he is, it made sense how there was just a somewhat instant change. He was always so stubborn in his own ways, and the more he was with Chise, the more he did slowly change. This scene only added to it. He realized that if he wants Chise back, then he needs to no longer think the way he has, and do things a bit differently.

Well, as I started with the review, the whole Cartaphillius thing, well, getting his back story certainly makes it help feel like it is nearing the end. At the same time, there is still a lot of things that could happen.

There were also the flashes when Elias was looking for Chise. All the people she connected with seemed perfectly placed. Certainly, these were the people who touched Chise’s life. But, it still feels like there is not much connecting back to Elias. Still, it was nice to see.

Overall, enjoyable episode. It started tying off loose ends, and really given some development that may allow for Chise and Elias to fully reunite, and not just end with Chise still being made at Elias.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Overall Score: A-

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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