And so the journey is over. It is hard to think it has been nearly a year since I started reading this series and was hooked. The anime has aired, and now all there is left is the final episode. So much has happened, and well, time to talk about a show, that honestly is now in my Top 10 anime, one last time. Let’s get started.

The Plot:

Continuing right off the previous episode, Chise confronts Josef/Cartaphilius. Well, the two talk, and Chise mentioned how she has suffered all her life and it never feels like anyone could understand her. Cartaphilius feels the same way. But, Chise does say that, just because you are suffering doesn’t mean you should make others suffer, she only realized this because of the people who helped her.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 1

Chise then takes a different approach and goes on the attack. But, before she can even land a hit, but then Ashen Eye shows up surprisingly. Apparently, he was working with Cartaphilius. More than anything he wants both to grow strong so it will be more rewarding to take them.

Elias then steps up to the plate, and with the help of the fairy friend that has been after Chise since episode one. Oddly enough, the two team up working toward the mutual goal of protecting Chise. Elias transforms into a giant flower like creature and seemingly kills Ashen Eye in a hit.

Well, Chise can get close to Cartaphiliius and tries to use sleep magic. But, it doesn’t work. Cartaphilius even stabs Chise through the chest. But the nearly fatal blow was just what she wanted. The promise she had Ruth and Elias make was to keep Chise as close to Cartaphilius as possible. Now that she is practically hugging him she begins to sing a lullaby. Which honestly was a nice throwback to a few episodes ago when Chise discovered singing and magic for her is a great and powerful combo.

Thus, the immortal sleeps.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 11

Chise also, unsurprisingly falls unconscious. She begins talking to the immortal curse Cartaphilius put on her. The curse has come to terms with the dragon curse. Well, she will stay alive for a long time, but ultimately when she is ready the dragon curse will kill her.

Thus, learning this Chise wakes up. Elias and her quickly make up, sort of. They argue a lot. But Silky rushes in to hug Chise, but this does not stop this conversation, for now at least.

Sometime later, after reaching an agreement, Elias talks with the priest, and catches up on everything, Stella is home, the witches are leaving them alone, and as for Cartaphilius, Elias just says he should not be bothering anyone for a few decades at the very least.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 16

It turns out Cartaphilius now rests in a small room at the bottom of a well on Elias’ property. He sort of has come to terms with his suffering, and right now doesn’t want to do anything. Thus, Ashen Eye is bored of him.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 17

Chise then goes to London, and meets with Angelica, and Stella. Stella happened to throw a surprise birthday party for Chise. And both people she met gave her a gift.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 18

Later that night Elias meets with Chise in the woods. Chise dressed in a vail, and a sort of wedding gown. While embarrassed, she hands Elias a ring, which is to tell the other when one of them is in danger. Of course, Elias knows the fact that a ring on the left ring finger is for wedding rings, which only makes Chise more embarrassed.

The two in a way exchange vows. Both intend not to put themselves in harm or even do something that the other may dislike. The series ends with the two walking back, and Chise certainly still wants to continue being Elias’ apprentice.

Overall Thoughts:

Now, I did have some issues with this series as time went on, mostly towards the end when it started to cover more at a shorter pace. Some episodes switched the focus midway, because the content it was adapting ran out and made seem weird at times since they moved right to the next arc. While I still have no idea if this ending was original or not, I still wonder where it could go from here. As a series this ending made it seem like a true ending and no real need to continue from here. I like it when anime does this because too many feels like they end when things are just heating up or give an ending that begs for more, only to never get it.

Now, stepping away as a series as a whole, and looking at it as this episode. There were a few throwbacks that was rather nice, Chise’s lullaby magic was a nice touch as a nice way to defeat Cartaphilius. He is unkillable, being immortal, so putting him to sleep, or trying to put him in less pain was the key. There was also how Chise began to make the connections on how similar they were, which made Cartaphilius seem not just as a personal conflict, but also Chise was confronting someone like herself. This was just an obstacle for her to go against that helps show her growth and how much she was and can continue to change.

Then there was the ending. Elias covering everything was rather nice. While, it didn’t seem necessary, it still put an end to any problems that came up in previous episodes. Then later on when Chise met him in the woods, it sort of felt like a wedding, just for the two of them. It gave a sense of Chise being a Bride to an Ancient Magus.

It was still a good ending. The characters have come to terms with what has happened, they changed, they grew as characters, and they do what needs to be done. It put an end, sort of, to Chise’s curses. So, while, it is the fact the curses are done that makes me question where could this series go from here, if this was canon, well, if it wasn’t canon, it was probably due to this ending. Still, I don’t know, but again, this was able to give a nice conclusion to the series.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Overall Score: A-

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe