So, Dragon Ball Super has come to an end. While a movie is still coming out, and certainly everyone hopes for more, it is time for a rather special Top 5. I myself am not the only one going down memory lane with this series, but my brother as well, who I am referring to as Koopa for this. It was his first anime and the anime that we both got to watch and talk about together. So, this is not just including my own personal Top Five moments, but my brother’s as well. So, let’s get started.

Now, as always, feel free to comment your favorite moments, from Dragon Ball in general, it doesn’t have to be just Super.

Honorable Mentions:

As always, time to start with a few honorable mentions. These are mostly my brothers, and well, a bit more than what I normally have.

Honorable Mention: Actually Watching it subbed

Super just started to air the dub, and well after a few episodes I really wanted watch where my brother was and I just wanted to watch more in general. I just remember that most, and that is what made me willingly watch it in Japanese. I did see the original and Z dubbed, but I was going rather quickly through them. I wanted to continue it dubbed, but, well, I just could not wait. Now, I am a pleb with these sort of things, so I am telling my brother to write this several times. (Editor’s Note: He did say this I am serious) Also the Freiza laugh was great, and I did like that when switching to the sub.

Honorable Mention: Throwbacks to the Original and Z

The Krillin episode, the filler one that did a throwback to the original. (Episode 75-76) There was also some of the moves, like Evil Containment Wave returning and a lot of the things that were forgotten in Z, no Launch though.

Honorable Mention: Filler in General


Z is so bad in comparison. There were some dumb funny ones, like Goku getting a driver’s licenses. But Super just did it so much better, like the baseball episode. Yamcha by far was amazing in that episode. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t like “Thank you for this filler.” It certainly was better than Z. I mean in Z there was this whole stupid Fake Namek episodes, and some of the fillers arcs. They had Great Saiyaman, granted that was somewhat canon, at least.

great saiyaman


I honestly thought they were funny. Where I am the veteran anime watcher here, yeah, I seen a lot of filler arcs. A lot of them are bad, since they don’t capture what they series stands for. It seems like it is just a way to pass time to save resources before the next big arc, which more than anything they are. Sometimes they even feel like bad fanfiction. But, Super did it differently. When I knew there would be some time before the next arc, I honestly was glad to know how much filler we would get, since it was funny, silly, and in some cases brought back meaning and throwbacks to the original. While I am still watching the original series, it was nice to see Super capture everything it originally stood for and mixed it with what Dragon Ball is now.

Koopa’s Top Five

For starters, as previously mentioned this is my brother’s first anime series. Like me he did watch shows like Pokemon, Yugioh, and Megaman when we were little. But, he also did not watch Dragon Ball until well, just last year. Unlike me to date he has seen every episode of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and now the completed Dragon Ball Super. He is currently working on GT, but well, he really is not liking it so far.

Number 5: Future Trunks Arc

My extreme hatred of time travel and how it just tries to outsmart the audience in order to be right in the end. It just worked with Super, because that is their typical fashion of just BSing stuff and having it work out in the end. I mean I do like future Trunks, and well, the fusion blue was cool. There was also the fact there was an Evil Kai. I mean they are always seen as good watching over mortals, and well, here he is wanting to destroy all humans and the total opposite of the norm. But yeah, I really did not like this arc as a whole because of time travel.

future trunks

Number 4: Universe 6 Sayains

Cabba I did like, and was one thing that I liked most. It was a nice reminder there were other Saiyans. Unfortunately, they haven’t really done much with it. It was nice to see, and well, there is a lot of potential due to Vegeta’s promise. I do like how they are nowhere near as advance as the Universe 7 Sayians. He was different compared to the Saiyans we know. I did think that it was nice to see Kale as the canon Broly. And, honestly, I hope they return to them for an arc someday so there will be more to them.

cabbage boy

Number 3: The Z Fighters vs Freiza’s Army

This was episode 21-23, and while I did see the movie around the same time. The fight with the Z Fighters against Freiza’s army was more enjoyable in the anime. Seeing Gohan getting completely wrecked served as a wakeup call for him, and wanting to get stronger again. It gave him a reason to continue fighting. There was also Master Roshi and how this was probably the first time we got to see him fight since honestly the original series. It made it enjoyable by doing that and not giving the spotlight immediately to Goku and Vegeta.

z fighters vs freiza

Number 2: The Master Roshi Episode (Episode 105)

It was nice to see some of the throwbacks that this episode brought. It finally gave Roshi another moment to shine. He wasn’t really useful in Z, and well, it can be said for a lot of characters that appeared in Z. It was nice to see him be useful.

This episode really showed how much Goku cared. I mean so many people died in front of him. The second time Krillian died was the only time we saw this type of emotion from him. I mean Goku was hardly emotional when the Earth blew up. But this really hit him hard seeing his master nearly die right in front of him and being powerless to do anything. I mean even Beerus ended up liking him and was impressed by him too by this episode’s end.

This was one of the few episodes and things that got me emotional, this never happens, so, wow. And, it is probably one of my favorite episodes, looking back at even Z and the original. I am still honestly don’t know if I should have put this at number one or not.

dragon ball roshi 2

Number 1: New Forms

It was really hard to choose this. But this is where the hype for the show is. I mean, sure Blue was like “Oh they are blue now,” so, not much hype there. But the other ones were great.

There was Super Sayain God. I mean, it was a cool new way to get the form. It confirmed Pan, and I want to say Pan sort of went Super Sayain there, so, I mean it trashes on all of GT, so I am okay with that. Pan was certainly awesome in this series.

The first Ultra Instinct time. How there was a black hole, and it was a typical Dragon Ball fashion, where it came out of nowhere. I honestly just thought it was cool. It was again a different way to bring up a new form and well, a BS way to power up. I mean, most of the time it is a mental thing that allows for them to get stronger or screaming a lot. But this one was certainly the most bizarre.

Then there was Super Saiyan Bluer for Vegeta. Honestly, I don’t know the name, I don’t even think they gave it a name. I liked how he didn’t throw away anything to get the power up, while Toppo did throw away everything he stood for his. It was not about the power up itself. It was the reasoning behind it. It really showed how much stronger and how much Vegeta has changed that made this form more amazing.

vegeta bluer 4

Number 0: Yamacha Baseball Episode (Episode 70)

Do it for the memes.


My Top Five Moments:

Alright, I honestly find it odd, seeing that I am still watching the original series, and I only seen some of Z. So, I am a bit of a pleb to this series compared to my brother, which is odd seeing that he was calling himself one often while telling me what to write. Anyway, while two of these will be similar, this is sort of due to us bouncing off ideas on what we thought were the best moments, my reasoning will be much different, in most cases. Anyway, time to start my part.

Number 5: The Potential and what Dragon Ball has become

Now, I am not just looking at Super in terms of just a single anime, but how it fits into Dragon Ball as a franchise. The world only continues to grow, so much so that multiple universes exists. There was 18 to start, and well, seeing the final episode the wish was to bring all erased universes back, well, the 6 that were erased prior to the start of the series better return. Either way, this show ended with still much more room to expand. It was nice to know the manga will be continuing after the Tournament of Power arc, which leaves plenty of room for an adaptation of the next arc sometime after the film.

But even then, there are 18 universes, the ones that did appear in this series we only got a glimpse of, some characters, and nothing more. Each have their own style, and each were shown differently, but none were explored. The Saiyans of Universe 6 mentioned their home planet several times, and even since Cabbage Boy, Cabba showed up, I really wanted to see an arc there, even more so when Best Girls Kale and Caulifa showed up. This series opened up to now an endless means of creating Dragon Ball, new foes each one stronger than the next and new universes to explore. Opening the series up to it really opened up the potential of it never-ending.

dragon ball universes

Number 4: Vegito Blue (Episode 66)

Now, I only seen the Cell Saga, so I never got to see the fusions. But, I still loved the idea of it, the two coming together and fighting a stronger foe. It was nice to see this form return, and even brought up with more of an explanation explaining the fusion, so it may have more use later on. With the foe being Fused Zanmasu, well, it was just constantly teasing us the whole arc that these two would fuse once more and fight. I did like how the fight did not come down to just Vegito Blue. But at the same time, I wish it did. I mean, at least they explained the fusion more so even Kale and Caulifa could do it later in the series, but there is still now the likelihood of Vegito returning at some point.


Number 3: Master Roshi Episode (Episode 105)

This was one episode that, well I knew was going to be on this list. After seeing it, I knew this was probably the greatest episode of Dragon Ball that I have seen. Much like my brother I did get emotional, which has been rare for Dragon Ball.

Master Roshi’s speech had to hit me the hardest. He was giving it his all, so his students wouldn’t have to fight the foe that he knew they would have trouble with. He was pushed to his absolute limits, and yet still continued and went out reminding them what he taught Goku and Krillian all those years ago on how to get stronger, sleep well, eat well, play well, rest well. It overall was a great episode, and honestly, I thought he was going to die, and, although they could have easily wished him back with the Dragon Balls, which honestly maybe they want to cut back on killing off characters if they are just going to do that anyway. But still, this gave the sense that this might as well be his final moments, especially with everyone’s reaction. However, as an episode as a whole it is memorable, but there are other moments that I can see being more memorable.

dragon ball roshi 1

Number 2: Goku and Freiza vs Jiren (Final Episode)

So, spoilers, I think I should have mentioned that at the start. But, with Goku and all of Universe 7 against Jiren, well, it was a tough fight. Goku got a new form and well, that nearly killed him. Freiza returned this arc, and well, he was already fighting alongside Gohan at one point, but even then while it was interesting, to me it did not seem as memorable. Perhaps that fight was sowing the seeds for this one. But, this final fight, although Android 17 did help provide cover. Goku and Freiza put aside their differences and hatred for one another and focused on a single foe. It was honestly amazing. Between the combo attacks and each of them launching one another at Jiren to land a solid hit.

Of course, the aftermath was also good. Freiza living and well, still plans to be evil and wants nothing to do with Goku. But, well, both know if the other tries anything someone will stop them. But even then, it made Freiza fall into or at least start to fall into the category of most Dragon Ball Villains, becoming an ally in the end. Sure, it was much longer, and took several resurrections, but it was certainly a long time coming, and it certainly can put an end to the tradition of Freiza being resurrected, seriously he has a lot. Also, this cancels out GT. This arc, could serve as a means to redeem Freiza, maybe not as the villain he once was, but a pseudo-ally, and the fight was just awesome, so there is that.

Number 1: Universe 6 Saiyans

While it was one of my brother’s least favorites Cabbage Boy and Best Girls are mine. I mean, I did have them both get two days dedicated to them for my 2017 Best of the Year posts. Well, let’s start with Cabbage Boy. How he is treated when it comes to Vegeta. He is sort of apprentice, but at the same time he has much more Prince Duties than Vegeta. His first appearance, well, Vegeta wanted to awaken that Super Saiyan within him, to prove he was strong and worthy of being called a Saiyan Prince. While he was not seen again until the Universe Survival Arc, his character did grow stronger, and he was able to go Super Saiyan 2. He now knows his potential to grow stronger. But, he did have impact on Vegeta. When Vegeta got his power up when fighting Toppo, it was not just the thought of protecting his family, but the promise he made to Cabbage boy who made him stronger.

Now, for best girls. So, Kale may be the female Broly, but she is 100 times better. I do find it funny how her Berserker form was more based on wanting to protect Caulifa more than anything, even though the first time was jealousy towards Cabbage Boy. Then there is Caulifa who is basically female Goku, only super energetic in wanting to get stronger. Seriously, I wish she did go Super Saiyan 3. But, well, she got to fuse with Kale, and honestly seeing a different fusion besides Vegito appear was really awesome. The fight was even hard for Goku. Also it proves that fusions and forms are just as bad as power levels, since well, it proves nothing. Either way the Universe 6 Saiyans were always a delight, and well, I really want that arc where Vegeta goes to visit, and a spin-off focusing on them, that would be nice. I really hope they are not forgotten like Launch.

Well, it was nice to do this post with my brother. Now, I doubt I can do this with him again at any point, unless I finish all of Dragon Ball, or get him into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures like I want to. But either way, feel free to comment your favorite Dragon Ball moments, or even ideas on what you would like to see in a future Top Five post.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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