There is not much to say. I know I want to do an update once a month to explain what new stuff might be coming out. Well, it is fairly straight forward.

Index Reviews, since last month I was too busy playing Co-Op games with people to watch it.

Now I plan to do weekly reviews for Hinamatsuri. I may also do Steins;Gate 0, but that might be in bulk of two episodes. I also want to get the series review of the first season out, since I am currently rewatching it. But, If Hinamatsuri is not picked up by either Hidive or Crunchyroll expect Steins;Gate 0 episode reviews.

Fate/Stay Cooking anime episode review will be out tomorrow, on the second like I want to try to get them out every month.

Other than that, not much content is really planned. Seasonal starting impressions. I am also going to a new Con with my brother, so depending how that goes I might do a post on that. I doubt I could make a post about building my first Gunpla. But, who knows. Things change, and right now some things are up in the air.

I am still working on the page updates for weekly reviews. I should have them done by the week’s end. It is just that Twin Star Exorcists has a lot of reviews and it will take the longest. But, once I am motivated I should have those done by the end of the week. By this month’s end this blog should be fully updated for me to feel like I should monetize this blog.

Again, short update, but it is plain and simple on what is coming out this month.

– Joe