Well, it is time to start-up a new weekly review series. I have limited knowledge of this series, this is mostly due to hearing about it four years ago. I read some, and was surprised when there was no anime for a monthly series with over fifty chapters at the time. It is still ongoing, and certainly I am glad there is an anime, however I am now more surprised by the fact that this will only be twelve episodes. Either way, hopefully I will enjoy it, and let’s get into it.

The Plot:

A woman is fighting off all these thugs. Well, while she is pretty good on bring the smack down on them. She is quickly surrounded. She has one thing on her mind. But, before we get anything more the series quickly cuts to three years prior.Hinamatsuri ep 1 pic 1

Anyway, Nitta, the main character appears. He is a yakuza member who happens to collect porcelain. While admiring his latest piece to his collection out of a strange portal a bizarre pod appears. He simply ignores it and moves on with his night.

Hinamatsuri ep 1 pic 2

The following day the strange creatures asks to be let out. Well, she is a typical human girl. First, she asks for cloths, but when Nitta is uncooperative she uses her psychic powers. Thus, she then sits down clothed and watching TV.

While Nitta cleans up the mess, he decides to ask the girl, Hina a few questions. Most in which she does not answer, she even has nowhere to go, so she just sits there watching TV.

After taking care of her from some time, well, it hits him he is now a caregiver. This was everything and everything from cleaning up after her, feeding her, and washing her hair, and later buying cloths.

Hinamatsuri ep 1 pic 8Hinamatsuri ep 1 pic 7

Sometime later Hina asks to go to school. Nitta has her promise not to use her powers, otherwise it may cause chaos. Thus, she does, and goes to school. Only to fall asleep, and then her classmate take care of her. While this is happening, Nitta at a meeting is worried about her.

Later on, Hina’s powers go out of control. Yeah, she forgot to mention if she doesn’t use her powers, they go out of control. Thus, trashing Nitta’s rather nice apartment.

Thus, Nitta finds a clever way for Hina to use her powers. So, he puts her to work on a development site. Clearing the trees and the terrain for building.

With that job taken care of, well Nitta gets a call, followed by punishment for bringing Hina alone to the meeting. He is sent in to take out the rival Yakuza. Hina snuck in the car, and well gives a speech on how Nitta cares. She walks in and Nitta chases after her all dramatic like. Then every Yakuza member is thrown out of the building. It honestly felt like Nitta forgot Hina was psychic for a second.

Anyway, he gets rewarded for taking out the rival yakuza. So, he decides to treat Hina for a job well done.

Hinamatsuri ep 1 pic 19

Overall Thoughts:

This episode seemed all over the place. One second they were doing one thing, then all of a sudden, they were doing five other things. The pacing was certainly this shows weak point, at least this time. I do have hope this will get better, this was just the first episode so having Nitta and Hina’s partnership become more defined before introducing more characters is important, otherwise it may make the show seem rather slow.

Regardless, this episode was still enjoyable, it was silly, even when it was trying to be serious. While at the same time they are not revealing just everything yet, like where Hina comes from. There are certainly some questions that could be asked there. But, well, she did not seem like the type that was super willing to share.

The pacing was the weakest part, as previously stated. To me it was the one thing in the back of my mind that I found constantly buggy me. Now, I (probably) won’t drop this show because of that. But it is still easily fixed, it comes down to how much they are planning to shove into a twelve episode series.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: C+

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe