After the first episode, I had some slight worry for the second episode on how the pacing could be. Well, while the previous episode did feel like a lot of information was being shoved at us. This second episode in terms of pacing, will hopefully be the ideal for what future episodes will be like, if this series decides to cover a lot of the manga. Either way, let’s get into it.

The Plot:

Another weird portal appears, and this time it is in the middle of a road. Out pops out another girl, this time however, instead of Nitta, a biker gang shows up, and well, they are quickly defeated.

Nitta is talking to one of his subordinates and discovers this. While at first, he worries it was Hina, he realized that she was with him all last night playing video games. Upon entering the restaurant, well, this mysterious new girl is trying to dine and dash. Nitta offers to pay seeing that well, he did not want his meal to be interrupted. Of course, he then leaves before getting his food to try to find out who exactly this girl is.

Unfortunately for Nitta, he discovers this new girl is looking for Hina. Of course, this girl then causes some trouble around this city, which has Nitta thinking about what would happen if Hina fell somewhere random. But, either way he decides to go look for her.

Upon knowing her location Nitta brings Hina along to put an end to this mischief. Again, he tries to avoid a psychic battle, since Anzu, the new girl wants to fight Hina pretty badly. While Hina does try to accept Anzu’s conditions, Nitta promises her favorite food if they do it his way.

Ultimately the game is decided, and well, ends with Hina’s victory. The two then spend time together before Anzu needs to leave to tell their bosses that Hina is dead.

Later on, though Anzu tries to go home, only for her ball thing to not work, ultimately making her homeless.

The second half of the episode follows Nitta. Well, he is starting to notice something weird with all the women he typically hits on. Well, it turns out they think he is busy hanging out and spending time with his daughter, Hina.

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 14

So, he decides it is time for change. He does not care for Hina, giving her canned fish for meals. While Hina gets curious on what he is doing, so she goes to search for him. She takes one of her friends from school to tag along.

Well, Hina checks out the bar she normally goes to only to leave her friend, Hitomi, to take care of the bar since the owner is out and Hina quickly leaves.

While more and more people show up, including Nitta, Hina talks to the owner, Utako. She says that Hina needs to tell Nitta how she feels if so that they may have some time together.

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 19

When Hina confronts Nitta, she says that she wants to go to a girl club with him. Well, the half-drunk Nitta agrees and so everyone at the bar leaves to party.

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 20

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 21

The following day Nitta wakes up with a lot of money owned, and a bad hangover.

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 22

Overall Thoughts:

I enjoyed this episode a lot, more, this is probably due to the pacing not feeling like it was as much of an issue like the first episode. This one was nicely split up and did not feel like it was trying to do too much. There was the nice amount of both random moments and well, a lot of turns that might throw someone off. I loved how Hina wanted to go to the club and everyone was so gunho because of how drunk they were. It just made the moment that much more enjoyable.

The first half was indeed enjoyable, and if anything, it added that much more on the question on where do these girls come from. Clearly, they are avoiding this answer, and judging by what is read on the characters from various sites, it was never answered due to comedic purposes. But at the same time, we still gain a sense of who they are and well, what type of life they lived before. Clearly, they have a means to easily go back to where they came, and that there is more than just Hina. But there is also the fact that they are not so quick to fight and really like to do whatever.

Either way, I find it a little tricky to talk about this series in-depth, it is a comedy, so there is no real need to analyze or over analyze things like I have done in previous months with my weekly reviews, it has been awhile since I reviewed a comedy, and the first few reviews are always tricky to get back into the mindset. Either way I had a few laughing out loud moments this episode, and that is more than enough to say about it for now.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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