New shows means more shows to talk about that I will more than likely drop by the end of the season. This season however does have a few good shows. But even then, nothing has really caught my attention after the first episode or two. Each season I seem to question myself if it is my taste in anime that is changing, or if maybe I am just not enjoying anime like I used to. Then again watching older series I don’t have this issue.

Anyway, I am doing something different this time around. After three years of doing these posts, well, I am only now realizing I never explained what the series was about, and instead gave my basic, sometimes super brief, thoughts. I will keep my thoughts brief, but for some shows I will say what the plot is, sort of, this is more for the ones that show promise for me.



I won’t say much, since my thoughts and the plot are mostly in the first two-episode reviews. But I am rather enjoying this series. I find it surprisingly entertaining, despite some worry of its pacing. While it will not be the next Twin Star Exorcists or Ancient Magus’ Bride that gets ahold of my attention, I can still say I see myself enjoying this show all the way through.

Hinamatsuri ep 2 pic 14

Other Shows:

Gundam Build Divers

So, this is a Gundam series a lot like Build Fighters. Characters build gundam models, and fight. This one I am glad is not trying to be like the sequel to Build Fighters. This series, while still revolving around building gundam models and having them fight, has a game aspect to it, and MMO feel. The character is not setting out on a tournament, and there is no real great plot seen yet. It is bringing something new to what was already done and certainly making it interesting without it feel like a copy paste series.

gunpla divers

Gundam Build Divers can be found streaming on Crunchyroll and the Gundam official Youtube Channel.

Lupin the Third Part 5

So, I been watching the first series of Lupin the Third. While, I am going rather slow, I decided to check this new series, while the other episodes I continued and am on the second or third episode, I haven’t continued it to the second. This episode was enjoyable, and there is certainly no reason why I haven’t continued. I certainly plan to. I do like how they are making this series modern, rather than how the other series seemingly take place in the 70s. It certainly brings new life to this long-lasting classic.

lupin the third part 5

Lupin the Third Part 5 can be found streaming on Crunchyroll.

Gegege no Kitaro

So, this was the series that replaced Dragon Ball Super’s timeslot. While at first I had no plans to watch this show after a few episodes, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it so I gave it a shot. While it won’t fill the void of Dragon Ball Super on Saturday nights, this was still enjoyable. Sure, there are no high-powered fights, just fighting yokai, but still. I know this is going to be more than 50 episodes, so, I hopefully will continue it through all the way.

gegege no kitaro


Gegege no Kitaro can be found streaming on Crunchyroll.

Comic Girls

It is cute. I do like the idea, and troops it goes with. How it follows mangaka in high school, that well, are just starting off. Sure, the world of mangaka isn’t as cute or as comedic as this series portrays it, but cute girls doing cute things can make something completely different from what it was. I have nothing major to say, outside of it being enjoyable.

its so cute

Comic Girls can be found streaming on Crunchyroll.

Steins;Gate 0

Now, I know I was tempted to do weekly reviews or at least bi-weekly, certainly I won’t do it for this series. So, this series exists in the bad end of the original series, where the main character failed. So, while the first episode seemed a little lighthearted, and second was certainly back to the normal, I am really curious on how this series will turn out. Time travel (I think) is not the main focus unlike last season. So, I am rather interested if this will somehow manage to correct the mistake that lead to this current timeline. Either way, more Steins;Gates means I have no complaints.

flat is justice
I don’t have a pic from the new Steins;Gates series, so here is one from the original.

Steins;Gates 0 is streamed by Crunchyroll, and Funimation has a dub planned.

Last Period

This goofy show that makes fun of Gachas, well, it is okay. I was recommended it, and well, it did not gain any interest after the first episode. However, seeing that one of my favorite series, Higurashi, is actually having some sort of crossover episode in episode three, I am super curious an at least plan to give this show a three-episode trail.

Last Period is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Cutie Honey Universe

Episode one gave us action, and little to no explanation other than setting up this new series with the transforming android. However, I like how they did episode two. While episode one made it clear this is in a way a sequel to the old Cutie Honey series, episode two gave a retelling of how this series began, and what drives the character. Overall, I was glad since I never saw the previous series, so it certainly will make the future of this series a little more lasting.

cutie honey universe

Cutie Honey Universe is streamed by HiDive.

Persona 5 The Animation

I never played the games, I saw only the first episode of the other Persona 4 animes, and did not continue. But, this one, at least from the first two episodes, was enjoyable. I do plan to continue, but I won’t be surprised if like any other anime adaptation of a game, I drop it. But, who knows.

cutie spotted

Persona 5 is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Golden Kamuy

I gave it a shot since I was bored and nothing to watch on Mondays. But, this is certainly interesting, but I doubt I will continue it. I mean, it seems a little creepy that the plot involves needing to find escaped prisoners and then well get their skin tattoos. I mean the first episode involved skinning one guy, now I am not saying that will happen every time, it is just creepy to say the least.

golden kamuy

Golden Kamuy is streamed on Crunchyroll

Tada Never Falls in Love

I honestly liked the first episode, it was a nice cute romance story, with certainly some interesting things to come. I did check out 3D Girl, but, well, I didn’t like it in comparison to this one, that series seemed too rushed into the romance, while this one hasn’t even started. It is not slow-paced, rather than taking the time to introduce the characters. I do plan to continue, I just need to remember to.

Tada Never Falls in Love is streamed on HiDive.

Doreiku the Animation

Super dark, and well, I question why I saw the first two episodes. This is like Kakegurui, only with less of a psycho gambling addict lead, and more of a planning and cunning to win main character. The winners get to control the losers, so a lot is at stake, well, it certainly is interesting, but I won’t be surprised if I drop it.

Doreiku the Animation is streamed on HiDive.

The only other series I may watch, depending how long it takes to finish their previous seasons are Full Metal Panic, and High School DXD. I was also a bit lazy, and need to start Amanchu season 2.

Feel free as always to talk about some of the shows you are watching this season.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe