Well, the main lead this week kind of got a little less attention than normal, but that was certainly okay, giving more attention to those who were more introduced last week and what happened to them after the events of the previous episode. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Alright, so, this episode begins with Anzu being chased by Utako and a bunch of other store owners. Apparently since Anzu cannot return home she is now stealing food in order to survive. She does manage to escape all the shop owners, but only thanks to the homeless man from last time.

Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 1

From there he shows her the ropes on being homeless, how to make money returning cans, and well, how to not steal, since that is a crime. While at first the other members of the homeless camp are not open to Anzu joining, after she sings for them, terribly too, they accept her.

The following day Anzu runs into Nitta, who offers her money at first. Of course, Anzu is in denial of what is happening and how she cannot return home. Not only that but she does not want his money. But, as he goes off, she realizes what she could do with the money and chances after him. But again, as soon as she does get the money Utako and the other shop owners show up and well, get the money she owes them leaving her only 600 yen of the 40000 yen she was given. It was kind of unlucky for her.

Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 6Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 7

In the next part of the episode Hitomi is the star. Where the last episode had her discover her amazing bartending skills, well, now she is doing it as a job. Of course, she didn’t want to. Utako really did not want to let her go offering a nice paycheck at first. But, since that didn’t work it resulted in the two blackmailing one another. Ultimately, Utako tricked Hitomi, since she saved extra copies of the evidence, which thus forced Hitomi to work there.

While the night is running smoothly. A vice principal and a teacher who is only there due to the promised pay raise providing her drags around his drunk boss, enter the bar. Turns out the teacher is Hitomi’s homeroom teacher. So, she tries to avoid being detected.

While her teacher is suspicious at first. This subsides since Hitomi is just way too good at bartending and well, there is no way a middle schooler could be that good. Plus, the last thing her teacher wanted was to look bad if his star student was a bartender.  Thus, Hitomi’s worry, for at least now is done.

Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 16Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 17

The final segment of this episode brings it back to Hina. Nitta jokingly says maybe she should be homeless and he should care for Anzu, since Anzu is so well at it. Hina takes this joke a little too serious, seeing that she would have no means to fill her appetite. So, Hina has this fantasy of what it would be like to surprise Nitta by cleaning the house.

But, expectations and reality are two different things as she quickly makes a mess of the place, and the puts off cleaning up the mess.

Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 20

The episode ends with Nitta thinking he should praise Hina occasionally, only to open the door. Yeah, she is probably going to be in trouble.

Hinamatsuri ep 3 pic 21

Overall Thoughts:

I do find this episode weird. I mean, I did like how it was nicely split into three parts, with the final part being the shortest. The weird thing comes from actually writing this review. It felt tricky to do as there was no set way to do it. I mean, from a reviewing the plot stand point, splitting this episodes in two certainly work a lot better. It also feels like a lot more happens, while this one, did not seem that way. Granted we got a short little story and then an end to it. It was nice to see the effects of the previous episode relate to how this one played out, even for a comedy.

At the same time, something hopefully different will happen next episode. Comedies can get stale if they rely too much on the same jokes. This series is no different. I did not see this issue with Hitomi tending the bar, but, if they were to do something similar again, well, it would not be as funny.

This series still gives me the feeling how it has potential. The first three episodes, well, it is hard to say exactly if it will live up to that potential. They still certainly feel like they are putting too much into single episodes. But, it certainly has improved since episode one in terms of pacing.

This episode was still enjoyable, but, here is hoping some things will change. I mean, where are the psychic powers?

Overall Enjoyment: B

Overall Score: C

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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