The more episodes that pass the more I think about how this series began, with a hint at the time skip. Even now, well, I am hoping this show is either secretly split cour, just so they don’t rush it. Granted it already feels like they are going at a quick pace, with how this episode and last episode ended. Still, it is hard to say, and let’s just hope it does not feel rushed by the end. Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

This episode continues right where the last episode ended. Hina tried to clean up Nitta’s place, only to destroy it. Nitta, now being fairly furious of Hina’s lack of apologizing, he has had enough and kicks her out of the house.

Hinamatsuri ep 4 pic 1

So, Hina thinks about what she could do now, seeing that she has a fair bit of money, she decides to go get a snack, only to go completely broke after.

Hinamatsuri ep 4 pic 2

Now broke, and still hungry, she manages to run into Anzu. Anzu offers, and immediately regrets it, of letting Hina come over. Hina doesn’t do much, in fact, Anzu continues on with her normal means of making money. Of course, when she gets back, Hina has nearly made off with all her food, candles, and other means of survival. They even end up going to a soup stall at the pack, where Utako sees her, and is curious as to why Hina is now homeless.

A little earlier with Nitta, he finds it odd how he has gotten used to Hina living there. Of course, Hitomi shows up to drop off school work. She was also at the soup stall at the park, to fill in Utako. Anyway, seeing that Utako now knows, Nitta has some explaining to do, why he is angry, and everything else. Ultimately, he is kicked out of the bar, since everyone there is furious at him for his actions.

Back to Anzu, well, she has had it with Hina, so she kicks her out. So, Hina is even more homeless now.

Hinamatsuri ep 4 pic 8

The following day Nitta goes to look for her. Well, he runs into Anzu, who again, is annoyed at how unfit Hina is for the homeless life.

Back to Hina, she manages to find a gig, doing “Magic” by this I mean, levitating people around. Anyway, Nitta sees this, and well, feels that she is capable of being on her own. Of course, he says this at the bar, and is now banned until he has actually made up with Hina.

Upon getting home, Hina is there waiting. She saved up to buy a vase as an apology. While, it doesn’t look like Nitta accepts it, the following day it is presented with the other parts of his collection.

Hinamatsuri ep 4 pic 14

The remainder of the episode follows Hitomi, who now comforts the patrons of the bar, from Nitta’s boss to her teacher, and even Utako. Either way, she makes a lot of money now. Since she works at night, she starts to head home, only to see Anzu finding cans to sell for cash.

After helping Anzu, the two become somewhat friends, and well, as more time hanging out with Anzu passes, the more tired Hitomi becomes. The episode ends with Hitomi falling asleep standing up.

Hinamatsuri ep 4 pic 18

Overall Thoughts:

The ending was weird. It did not feel that strong, and was the weakest part of the episode. Now, if they stretched out Hina’s half of the episode to cover it all, well, how that part of the episode ended, seemed like a better means to the ending of an episode. The actual ending felt more like a joke, that has more of a story to tell. Like how the last episode ended, well, that lead into this episode, but still seemed like an appropriate place to start, since it can be assumed what could happen next.

Now, I do like how some of these episodes have been set up, pacing is a clear issue. But, everything else seems rather well done, the humor, the overall flow of each episode building up, and actually having some form of plot progression, namely who these characters are, how they interact with one another, and ultimately how Nitta and Hina are.

Now, I am uncertain if I just have too high of expectations for this series, maybe I do, while it does have room to improve, it still is enjoyable.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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