We are now at the somewhat halfway point for this show. Well, right now it seems to be nowhere close to the start of the show with the three year time skip. One character has yet to appear, and well, things in the opening have yet to happen. Either way, only time will tell with these sort of things, so let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Anzu learns how to do the trick with the strings, I want to say Cats and the Cradle, but I also want to hear that song. Anyway, she gets rather addicted, even losing track of time. But, this fun quickly comes to an end when she shows the trick to Hina. Thus, Hina’s addiction to video games turns into Anzu wanting to get games.

Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 1

So, this homeless girl’s get rich quick idea is by finding and recycling TVs, since they sell for a lot. While at first it seems fairly easy find, having several thrown under a bridge, right off the bat, well, it turns out the old TVs with the backs are not what they are looking for, but the more modern ones.

Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 2Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 3

Thus, Hitomi is involved, it was nice to see the realization from Anzu that Hina already knows Hitomi, so, it was a nice touch since that well, this is the first time all three are together. But, Hitomi gets an idea, since her parents were planning to throw one out, well, this soon gets her in trouble with the cops for littering.

Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 4

But, Hina has an idea, ask Nitta the money, and buying a TV to sell. Of course, the nice cab driver does ask the seller if he will allow this, since he is just as confused as the buyer in this case. Hitomi finally shows up, and well, both TVs are certainly on the newer end, and the buyer questions, and quickly answers what he shall do. In the end, Anzu made money, although, probably less money than Hina spent.

So, the second half tells a different story, at least this time it is two stories, and not a third shoved in there, but anyway, Hitomi is seen going to her job. This is then followed by her teacher entering the bar. Two fellow classmates see this and well, think there is an illicit sexual relationship going on.

Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 8

Thus, a bunch of stuff is blown out of the water as the two boys try to get to the bottom of this, including the confused Hina, and another classmate involved. While, Hitomi, was very bad at lying, the two continue to try to find evidence.

All in all, the episode ends with them entering the bar, and Hitomi quickly blowing her cover, after hiding it rather well, and their teacher showing up, still convinced that Hitomi is not the bartender. Also, their reaction sums up their teacher’s reaction rather nicely.

Hinamatsuri ep 5 pic 16

Overall Thoughts:

This series is a lot stronger when at the very least, it is split into two stories, rather than the previous few episodes of three stories in one. It seemed so much better. Sure, I will admit, the second half felt like it did drag on a bit, but it still kept it entertaining, with the new characters and interactions. Plus Hina being completely clueless, and being a background character for this part was rather nice.

On another note, this show has really shoved the whole, psychic powers to the side, I cannot remember the last time any of them used their powers, aside from Hina’s magic show. But there is also the fact that, there powers could have solved a lot of their issues, it is a little weird.

As a whole, this episode was fairly good, it starts to show the real potential this series may have.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: B+

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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