I swear the longer a show goes on, there is always a fifty-fifty chance I have no idea how to start off the review. I mean, granted I did have two series with well over the normal number of episodes and didn’t have a problem. But, then there is this show, it is a comedy, so all I can really do to say it is funny at the start. Granted, it is, and this week certainly added a new twist to Hina and Nitta’s relationship. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Nitta gets home from a long day of whatever he does as a Yakuza member, and Hina is on the phone. Well, at first, he thought nothing more than it being a telemarketer, it turns out it is Nitta’s mom.

Hinamatsuri ep 6 pic 1

Thus, the probably, following day Nitta is at his mom’s house to visit. Of course, his younger sister is there too, and both are rather curious as to who Hina is.

Hinamatsuri ep 6 pic 2

While, Hina tells a story as to who she is, it quickly turns south, as she only repeats those things. Thus, Nitta takes over and comes up with a rather sad story on who Hina’s parents were tragically killed and he did not want to leave her alone, so he took her in. But, then his sister gets slightly suspicious, before Nitta continues, and later gets rather cocky about this lie.

So, Nitta then starts to cook for his family. He does hear Hina say a few things, namely how all she does at school is sleep, forgets her homework, and well, everything else. It starts to turn south when Nitta’s sister notices how Hina signs her name with Nitta. Over the meal things got cleared up.

That night, when his sister is now even more drunk, she gives so pretty odd signals to Hina, how things should live, but also die, and everything else. While making fun of this, Nitta accidentally lets it slip how he kicked Hina out, and well, it escalates, to where he must tell them that Hina is his daughter. Ultimately, they buy this, even though it is still technically a lie, but, it is what he has been telling everyone. Either way, they all celebrate the newest edition to the Nitta household.

The second half of the episode follows Anzu, and well, the homeless community is being shut down, and everyone is forced to move. Of course, Anzu finds out about this rather late and she wants to help save their home.

Well, the others of the community have another plan, and even talked about it where they have found someone to take care of Anzu. Now would be the best time since they can no longer live there. So, they all say their goodbyes.

Hinamatsuri ep 6 pic 17

The people who are now taking care of her, are rather nice. Although Anzu questions on how she will pay them, what she will do now that she no longer needs to fight to survive really.

Anyway, she decides to work for the two people. With all the teachings of the people who have taken care for Anzu was able to realize that she is never alone, and those people will always be with her. The new people hope to teach her a lot of new things too. Thus, the episode ends on a rather teary note.

Hinamatsuri ep 6 pic 20

Overall Thoughts:

This was a really good episode. I mean, both halves were really good. A part of me wishes that it was two episodes, but at the same time, it probably would not have been as good of an episode. I mean I do wish there was more of Anzu getting used to her new family, and well, judging by the title of the next episode, it might make it seem like the second half could have been better with the next episode, but who knows.

As for the first half with Hina, it was nice, I mean, it is not often when anime has characters that are adults. So, it is nice to see the fact that Nitta is an adult, and well, this situation where he needs to hide Hina’s secret to his own family. I do like the fact that there is the consistency with Hina being seen by everyone as Nitta’s daughter. I would not be surprised if by the end there is some sort of super twist, and well, it turns out she really is somehow his daughter. Their relationship, although odd, does seem like it is a father daughter relationship.

But, as for Nitta’s family, it is nice to see them. His family clearly knows his work, so he is not hiding that. But at the same time, they treat him just like how any family member would treat someone, despite him being in the yakuza. Of course, now that the know of Hina, well, I won’t be surprised if they show up in a future episode.

But, this episode certainly has been one of the strongest, it had a nice balance of both the comedic first half, and a surprisingly emotional second half. It made it work perfectly, and while, I hope not all future episodes are split into comedic then drama filled, it is certainly a nice change of pace, and one that is surprisingly works well with this series.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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