I find it weird that now, after doing weekly reviews for three years here, I am only now realizing the major trend of after the half way point of the show, I slowly fall more and more behind on reviews. I mean, at this point I do not know why I am surprised. New show, means I am certainly looking forward to it, then half way through I am used to it, and something comes up which prevents me from getting reviews out closer to its original release, that is until the final episode. Anyway, enough about the long-winded intro, and let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, this episode is three stories in one. I didn’t really like this set up last time, but, well, maybe this time is different. This episode continues right where last one left off. Anzu is still coming to terms with her new life in running the shop. She over reacts to a lot of things, the amount of money food costs, not throwing certain things away, and so on. She did just come to a new world and had to get used to being poor to start off. Anyway, she serves Nitta as her first costumer. Ultimately, it was a rather short start, but still a nice way to continue how last episode ended and a new side to Anzu.

The larger portion of the episode follows Hina. Who, after getting yelled at for sleeping in class and denied an extra serving of food, is bored of school. Nitta suggests that she should try to find something to do to make school fun.

Hinamatsuri ep 7 pic 4Hinamatsuri ep 7 pic 5

Then the idea comes into mind. Hina decides to run for school council president. While it is known that first years cannot become the president, Hina runs anyway, much to the dismay of both Hitomi, her teacher, and class. Her goal is rather simple, to not be yelled at for sleeping and getting more food. But, this is all she has to go off of for a speech she needs to write.

She brings this up to Nitta, who thinks it is a joke and then jokes about it with his boss and the head of the yakuza group, who seems rather fired up in wanting to help Hina. The head even gets their own lawyer to write the perfect speech for Hina, who follows it a rather too well, reading the things she should either show or do instead of actually showing or doing them.

Hinamatsuri ep 7 pic 8

Anyway, she did not get to be the president, instead a secretary. Sometime later, after never showing up to a meeting. Hitomi gets dragged into it, and does the perfect job, when she was really just trying to rush the work so she could go to her real job. So that is how Hitomi became the secretary for the class.

In the final half of the episode it follows Nitta, who was rejected by Utako. He really wants to date her. He even asks Hina for advice, which even he thought was questionable in doing. Hina tells Hitomi, which the two then go to the bar, and ultimately get Utako to say yes, providing Hitomi runs the bar on her own.

Enjoyed by this, Nitta starts to swing Hina round. Only to accidentally break her foot, causing her to go to the hospital. While he does promise to return with her new mom, Nitta goes on the date.

Hinamatsuri ep 7 pic 14

He was rejected. Despite the fun scene with Nitta making a promise while his date played out. It turns out all he could talk about and all he did talk about with Utako was Hina. So, Utako rejected him saying how she does not want to date single dads. Thus, the episode ends with Nitta upset, but still wishing to make Hina happy.

Hinamatsuri ep 7 pic 15

Overall Thoughts:

When it does three stories in a single episode, it is always hard to look at it. This time it did not feel rushed, which was certainly a good thing. The first story was a much-needed follow-up to the last episode. It gave Anzu’s new life more development, and honestly a proper ending to what they could have had in the previous episode. As for the other two parts, well, it was nice to see Hina and her school life and well, how she really cares about it. It was provided some nice laughs. As for the final part, well, I have a lot more to say about that, still, it was a nice touch.

So, the middle part of the episode, I really liked the fact that well Nitta bringing up what Hina is doing to his bosses, well, clearly set the head off. I mean I don’t remember him really appearing before. But, when I look up his bio it talks about how he views Hina as a granddaughter, and seeing that he called his own private lawyer to write up her speech, he is the type of grandpa that wants to spoil his grandchildren. Clearly there is also the fact that probably none of the yakuza members have kids nor does he if he is going this far out-of-the-way for Hina.

Now, the final part, there are two things that could have been better. On one hand if Utako and Nitta’s relationship was much more defined, rather than it appears now that he is and has tried to ask her out. Well, this episode could have more meaning to it, and honestly would have more of an impact. Now, on the other hand, how Utako mentioned how Nitta was only really talking about Hina, it just goes to show how attached he has gotten to her. Sure, at times he may find her a pain, and well, so much more, but although we did not get to see him talk to her about him, even earlier this episode he seemed to only bring her up when with others. More than anything, their relationship is turning more and more into a father daughter relationship with each passing episode and really shows his growth as a character.

So, while there were some issues this episode, the take away certainly helps to show how at least one of the characters changed a lot compared to where the series began.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: A

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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