Well, this was certainly an interesting episode. Well, between a huge amount of character development, and well more on Hina and what happened prior to the start of this series, it made for an interesting episode and maybe a bit of a picture on what happens in 3 years. Anyway, let’s get into it.

The Plot:

So, Hina has a little speech going at the start. Turns out she is heading back home, either in another universe, or time, or something.

Hinamatsuri ep 8 pic 1

Anyway, sometime earlier the person she is meeting comes through a portal. They are here to find out exactly how Hina is doing. Their name is Ikaruga, and they’re the security chief. We finally get some backstory, once Ikaruga runs into Anzu, and well, not only is Anzu labeled as killed in action, apparently before Hina got here, she broke her caller, which could have killed her, and destroyed a city. Of course, Ikaruga just wants to have nothing to do with this mission, and once told that Hina is leaving peacefully with Nitta, well, they certainly have questions.

So, in order for Hina to return to their own universe, timeline or whatever, she has to pass several questions. All of them are yes or no for well, to make it simple on her. As both Ikaruga and Anzu follow Hina around, well, it turns out that all the questions are a yes, which well, means that Ikaruga now has to take Hina back with them.

The episode then shifts to a new girl, Mami, well she is a classmate of Hina’s. She sees Hina use her psychic powers and well, is fully into that sort of thing. So, this is a thrilling moment for her. Of course, upon thinking on how to approach Hina, well, she fumbles a bit and ultimately tells Hina what she saw.

So, the two hang out, and well, Hina getting bored with her new friends attempts to gain psychic powers, she tricks her into thinking she has them, but only when Hina is around.

So, Mami decides to show her class her powers. She was told by Hina she can only use it around her. So, she decides to do it when Hina is asleep in class. Well, it didn’t work, and she embarrassed herself so badly that she decided to stay home the following two days.

Hinamatsuri ep 8 pic 14

Then onto the final part of the episode. Ikaruga confronts Hina. It turns out Hina does not realize that the collar that was to control her is off. So, when the Security Chief asks her to return with them, she is willing. Since it is an order and she does not want her head.

Hinamatsuri ep 8 pic 15

Hina then spends the rest of her three days with Nitta trying to find a way to tell him that she is leaving. Ultimately on the last day she does, and the two spend a nice meal together. Nitta says goodbye, stating that, although she was a pain at times, he still had a lot of fun.

Of course, Hina then finds out she cannot return from where she came from, due to the ball being thrown in the trash, and well, she is told to stay here with Nitta. Upon returning, well, Nitta threw himself a little party to celebrate his new-found freedom to end the episode.

Hinamatsuri ep 8 pic 20Hinamatsuri ep 8 pic 21

Overall Thoughts:

One detail that I thought was insanely good on this shows part, was Hina’s shirts in the final part. She was trying to say goodbye for a while, and her shirt had both the Japanese and English spelling of the word goodbye. I really liked that detail since for once the English writing actually made sense for their shirt. It just fit so well with what they were doing, and obviously it was on purpose.

As a whole though, this episode really was able to show how much Hina has changed, sure she is lazy, but compared to episode one, she cares a bit more and well, she certainly looks forward to what she does every day. Nitta too, while, although he was quick to celebrate, he admits he does care for HIna. So, these two certainly have grown as characters.

Now that Ikaruga has appeared, I can only assume that with that 3 year time jump at the start of the show, well, it relates to the organization. I could be wrong. But, all I hope for is that, both the time jump is in more than just the last episode, or at the very least in this season rather than ending it without doing anything with it. Sure, if they later reveal a second season is coming at the end of the final episode without doing the time jump, well, that certainly would be nice too.

Either way, this episode was enjoyable, and help give some answers to things we sort of forgot there was questions to.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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