Alright, with the previous episode introducing who is probably the last psychic introduced in this series, well, time to get back to everyone else. Of course, with only a few episodes left, I am starting to question if we will get that ending that the first episode promised. At the very least I hope to find out there is another cour to not rush it. Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Hitomi gets out gets home from work, and well, she is stopped by a rather short and young-looking woman, her mom. Honestly thought it would be her little sister. Her mom is upset about Hitomi’s lying about where she has been. Well, it turns out even the truth her mom does not believe what Hitomi is saying. Later at the bar, well, it turns out Hitomi’s mom thinks she is selling her body and also does not believe Hitomi’s bank account coming from the bar.

Now, you would expect something to happen that might allow for Hitomi no longer working or something. But, that is not the case. Utako convinces Hitomi to move out of her house and live on her own. She also strong arms her into signing onto an apartment that is roughly 1300 a month to rent. Now, seeing that I don’t live on my own, but, I think that is a bit on the expensive side, maybe. But, there is an issue because of this, she is not earning enough to cover the cost.

The fact she is having money issues the patrons at the bar hear, so they hire her for odd jobs. Hitomi, being Hitomi, is really good at them too. It gets to the point where she is exhausted and sleeps at school, and has some office rivalries. She also meets the band from the episode when Hina ran away.

Ultimately, seeing that she collapsed from exhaustion, Hitomi realizes she can never say no, and that is where the problem lies. But, she thinks she found a solution, after she got forced into having a party to celebrate living on her own. She invites her mom. But, while sweet release is so close, this does backfire. Her mom is glad she is getting contacts from high-ranking businesses. She even thinks Hitomi only took the bartending job so she could quickly climb up in the world. Thus, this part of the episode ends with her still living on her own, now with her mom’s blessing.

As for the second part of the episode, Anzu gets her allowance for all her hard work. So, she decides to brag to none other than probably the richest girl in this series, Hitomi. Hitomi does play along to make sure Anzu doesn’t feel bad. But the two then go off trying to find something for Anzu to buy.

Eventually, after Anzu discovers what a present is, decides to get something for her new parents, a back massager.

Hinamatsuri ep 10 pic 16

But she cannot afford it. In comes Nitta’s subordinate. Thus, being the irresponsible adult like a majority of them in this series, he takes the girls horse racing to try to get Anzu to win the money she needs.

While her lucky first time causes her to win, she goes on a losing streak once she has that taste of victory. Thus, she is broke. She even was uncertain and conflicted if she should use her psychic powers to help the horse she wanted to win, win the race.

In the end, Anzu goes with what Hitomi said, and it is the thought that counts. So, Anzu makes coupons that require her to give back messages to her new parents whenever they would like one.

Hinamatsuri ep 10 pic 22

Overall Thoughts:

Yeah, this episode, for the first half went right where I thought it would. It has become somewhat predictable some of the time. Hitomi’s storyline this episode was predictable through and through. I mean, the second Hitomi was taking on every job, I knew she would realize she would not say no. Then when the party and having her mom go over, well, I knew that it was not going to work out for her. This part of the episode, certainly was the weaker half.

When it came to the second part, well, again, it was just alright. I will say seeing Anzu having that moment of confliction when she was about to use her Psychic powers really showed how much she grew, and not only that it gave her a tough choice to make. It was really interesting to see.

I think the weakest part of this episode was how neither Nitta or Hina made a major role, this was all the side characters, and it was weird. In past episodes they at least had a segment, but this time not so much. It was not a bad thing, it just, this episode could have been a lot stronger, and the lack of main characters showed that.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: C

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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