I am going to take a wild guess her and say that the start of the show, is not going to be how this series ends. Hopefully there will be another season, but, who knows. Anyway, let’s get right into the review.

The Plot:

So, remember episode 1, and how Hina single-handedly defeated an entire gang and Nitta took credit for it. Well, apparently this was popular, and made Nitta into a sort of legend to the point where some journalists would like to follow Nitta around and get a true sense of the yakuza life style.

They somehow manage to convince Nitta that they can film him. Well, yeah, it made me realize we never see Nitta as a bad guy. The film crew only point out more how much of a good guy he is, how he helps Hina, and everything else.

But, Nitta being a nice guy, well, that is not what the people want, and so, the journalist goes out of his way to stage everything. The final footage, well, it ultimately results in Nitta being teased by everyone.

Hina, happens to question the video in just the right way.

Hinamatsuri ep 11 pic 14

The final part of the episode follows an unlikely combo of Nitta and Anzu. Anzu’s parents are out-of-town, and Hina went on a fieldtrip. So, Nitta slowly goes with it. At first, he thinks it will end poorly, seeing that he does not know how Anzu really is. But, when he does realize Anzu is the ideal daughter, well, his jealousy makes him want to get Anzu back to the spoiled way she was when they first met.

He decides to go all out to try to spoil her rotten.

Ultimately, this fails as he lives in the “ideal father” world.


The episode ends with Nitta getting a call how Hina was somehow lost in the mountains.


Overall Thoughts:

While I am a little disappointed how they are going to have nothing to do with that time skip in the final episode, well, I will hold off on my thoughts for when I review that episode. But, this episode, certainly was interesting. It was nice to see mostly Nitta as he has seemingly been absent the last few episodes. So, it was nice to see him getting a lot of the spotlight, and even more so what he is like without Hina.

The interview part was, honestly pretty funny, and as I said early it help show how much Nitta is actually a good guy, despite being a yakuza member. Not only that, but, the video itself, how it needed to be warped so much just to add that drama to it. It really brings up the fact that this series sometimes throws the normal and warps them. The journalist just wanted to impress his boss, and went out of his way to make something completely fake.

Now, as for the second half of the episode, again, it was nice to see Anzu and Nitta together. On one hand that nice behavior of Nitta now being the one who gets warped. But, it was just perfect how he was at first trying not to compare Hina to Anzu, before ultimately deciding to try to warp Anzu back to her old ways. He enjoyed what was happening to him and his time with her, that the disappointment when she had to go was just perfect. To top it off, with the discovery of Hina as well made it just as good, since he had hardly any form of reaction.

This episode was just playing with a lot of expectations, and while it had a lot of the normal comedic aspects, it still allowed for them to work to its advantage and make it not seem as dull or as boring as it could have been without adding anything new or groundbreaking.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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