So, I guess I was wrong, the three-year time skip did happen. It also is done in the typical fashion for this show too, but more on that later. I am just going to get right on into the show.

The Plot:

So, continuing from last time when Nitta found out Hina was lost in the mountains. Well, it is not just Hina, but also Hitomi and the two male classmates whom I have not bothered to learn the names of. Hina is not fully aware of the situation, that is until Hitomi mentions how there is no food in the mountains, which of course gets Hina to realize the situation they are in.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 1

Well, that night, Hina decides to tell them the truth, how she has powers. While of course they do not believe her at first, she uses them to prove her point. Of course, using her powers than results in her collapsing due to energy loss.

The following day the group decides to trick Hina into thinking she is full. To do this they make food out of snow. Which then allows for HIna to have just enough power to make a huge sculpture to gain attention from the helicopter.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 5Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 6

When Hina later wakes up in the hospital, Nitta was of course worried. After a brief flashback of all the things they went through, and Hina asking for food, well, Nitta responds with the touching statement that he is glad she is alive.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 7Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 8

The credits did roll, but it was only half way through the episode. Of course, the time skip kicks in now. Following at first the Rocker guy, well, in the three years he went to America and studied all types of illusion, but none have given him the sensation that Hina has. He goes into the Chinese temple to see Mao performing martial arts.

Well, Mao starts to think, seeing that the guy is Japanese, that maybe he could help her find Hina. Even though oddly enough they both know her. Anyway, there is some plotting in the background going on, seeing that Mao brought in a bunch of pupils to the martial arts school, it was only able to prosper because of her. So, some of the members do not want her to leave.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 11

Ultimately, Mao meets the Rocker, the two chat realizing they both know Hina, and well, the fight from the start of episode one happens. Honestly, I thought it was in some sort of China town in Japan, and not in China. But, yeah, it is what it is.

Since Mao turned herself in, and the Master did give her the okay to go to Japan, on the condition she beats the metal man. She uses her psychic powers to win, and honestly most of the other stuff wasn’t her fully using her psychic powers. So, she is tough.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 16

But, with the okay to go for real, she sets off for Japan, and the episode ends. I could only guess by the time she gest there Hina would not longer be there for whatever reason, but I doubt that until anything more is animated.

Hinamatsuri ep 12 pic 17

Overall Thoughts:

This did not feel like a final episode. It seemed a little lack luster of a way to end the show, but at the same time, it did not. The show, at least for me, was building up on what short little scene at the start. I did not give it much thought. It made it seem like a large fight would go down, and the drama from Mao made it seem like it was a life or death situation from Hina. But, it was not. I really should have seen that coming seeing that well, there are a lot of misdirection in this show. It would have made sense. But, taking away that second half, the first half did not seem that way as much, giving the proper conclusion.

However, despite my issues with the episode it does do a few things right. As I said, the misbelief that I had about how this show was to end. But, the other one being how Hina’s half ended. Nitta was actually happy she was alright. The flashbacks throughout it all, and so much more showed up much these two grew together, and how much of a father-daughter relationship they have. Sure, they might have started to say it was like that as a cover up, but it turned into something real where at least Nitta really cares for Hina as if she was his own daughter.

I am quoting my brother somewhat on this one, only instead of the context for Fallout New Vegas it is Hinamatsuri. For everything that Hinamatsuri gets wrong, it gets several things right throughout the show. There is certainly plenty of times where things go wrong, sometimes it is the plot or something else, but it does get a lot of things right to make up for the shortcomings. It certainly was an enjoyable series, and I do hope this will not be the last time I am reviewing this show here.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: 85/100

Overall Series Score: A-

Crunchyroll has licensed this series for streaming, with Funimation planning a dub.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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