So, I have an announcement that relates to the blog. I am doing something different this season. There are no shows, except one that I wish to review, Cells at Work, however, I am reviewing that over at Anime Corps. So, seeing that Index Season 3 will be out this fall, and I did want to try to get other shows that I wish to rewatch out-of-the-way, I have a possible idea.

So, seeing that this blog’s main content is weekly reviews, and reviews for airing shows, well, it is different this time. Index I will get on the ball with, and get it out once every two weeks each time covering an arc. However, in that off week, I think I might not have just one, but two different old shows I wish to rewatch and review, like Index, it would probably just cover two maybe three episodes.

Right now, I know I wish to rewatch the original Deen/Stay Night, I mean Fate/Stay Night.  However, I will be doing a poll that runs for a week on the official twitter. If I do decide to do a second show, well, the reviews would be once a month, and cover 4 episodes for both series.

Here are some series I wish to rewatch and review, all shows are going to be more than 4 or 5 years old. Any questions on the series and what it is about, well, either just ask or you can look it up, since they are all ones I have seen before.  In some cases, I own them, so I might be talking about both dub and sub too. All series are legally available in the US.

They are:

Higurashi (52 Episodes)

Kiddy Grade (26 Episodes not counting sequel)

Kiddy Girl And could be covered, only if Kiddy Grade is.

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures S1 26 Episodes (Maybe then I can finally be motivated to watch Stardust Crusaders)

Gatchaman Crowds (Both Seasons)


As I said before I do wish to aim to get one to two posts a month that are non-anime related posts. I do have an idea for a post series, one that talks about various game Apps I play, granted most are anime related, games can be another focus. Overall, I have a few general ideas on what the posts could be, it is just a matter of writing them.

Outside of the announcement for the change to weekly reviews this season, that is about it. The poll should be live on the official twitter when this post is up. I do not post often, so it should be relatively easy to see. I will be retweeting it from my main account often too. But, if you do not have a twitter feel free to comment what series you would like me to review.

The winner of the reviews will not be revealed until the 25th, as I would like to get these reviews out during the week and that would be when I first post it.

– Joe