So, remember last month when I had plans to do other series besides Index for rewatch reviews. So, Fate/Stay Night was planned and Higurashi was voted for, but I was unable to get any of the posts out. I realized when I started to watch Fate/Stay Night that, if I go for 4 episodes per review, the show being about 24 episodes, it would take me six months to do. Which I really do not want to do. Higurashi being 52 episodes, well, would take about 13 months or more. So, seeing that I don’t want to be doing those reviews for over a year, I was unable to get to them to try to plan a different means.

So, there were a few options I thought of, but post wise they did not sound good at all. I would like to get them done within three months’ time. But to do that I would have to watch about ten episodes, give or take depending on the show. I really would not want to write ten brief plot descriptions and call it a post. It would not be fun for me nor would it be an enjoyable read. My other solution is to do it in 4 or 5 episode batches, but do it bi-weekly and for one show over the other. So, it would still be in the time frame, just, like the Index reviews were meant to be.

This gets me to the next issue I now have for these bulk reviews. Index starts in the fall and well, I need to make it a weekly post series to make it in time. So, all that was just said, is going to need to be on hold until the Index bulk reviews are done. Then I will do a vote for one of those two shows and go from there.

Now, I am certainly getting my hopes up after a call I just received. So, I will not say what the nature of the call was, nor if it will influence the Index reviews this month. Now, if it does, I will be giving the update on twitter. Either way, this could affect the reviews and content here this month well, I likely will need a hiatus. It is still too soon to say, and I am certainly being over optimistic and really hoping way too much. I will leave it at that.

In other news that may also affect the blog, I am taking tests for my teaching license this month, so yeah, a lot this month will be getting in the way of reviews I am already struggling to get out.

Still, what I said back in June, how I would like other content besides anime related subjects to be out is still on my mind. I would like to get one out this month, if possible, but if not, well, that is fine by me. This month certainly seems very unlikely. But, I can easily start planning for the next one.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see for non-anime related content, do feel free to suggest some.

Other than that, not much to say. And well, I hope you enjoy the content coming out this month (providing I don’t have to go on a force hiatus).

– Joe