The next to last arc of the first season is here. Although, the order for the next few episodes are a little weird, seeing that it is only two of the three stories. So, episode 18 is a somewhat filler episode, and is the first half of the last of the day of summer. The first episode of the second season is the second half of that last day of summer. Instead of putting either two single episode reviews out or watch the show out-of-order for a review, I decided to watch in order of release, and will cover the second half when that episode happens as part of the first arc of season 2. At the same time, both episodes, despite being on the same day, they are two different stories, so, their won’t be any confusion. However, episode 19 and 20 are part of the same arc and the second of the three stories. So, without any more explanations, let’s get started.

Episode 18 Plot:

So, I will save myself the trouble from typing up the whole episode’s first half. It is that cliché “Oh I don’t want this person to like me, so I will pretend to be in a relationship with the person that everyone knows I like,” episode. So, Misaka has a boy who likes her and well, the second she sees Toma she drags him along to pretend to be her boyfriend.

While the guy that does like her seems nice and all, once Misaka leaves to go get burgers, well, l it turns out he is evil and a magician and wants to kill everyone close to Toma. That fight ensues. Although the majority of the episode was cliché, the final few moments did bring up something rather clear. Toma unknowingly is finding connections with some pretty powerful people, both espers and magicians, and since the two sides are never meant to be together well, Toma is being seen as creating his own organization and thus everyone he is close to is seen as a threat. So, that was about it for this episode.

Index S1 Ep 18 Pic 5

Episode 19 Plot:

Back to Accelerator now and thus the starting point of how he eventually will get his own spin-off, maybe that will be adapted one day. Anyway, he is walking home, and one thing is for certain is he knows something about him has changed since fighting Toma. Of course, another downside of fighting Toma is now anyone who wants to fight him thinks they can take him. Either way, he continues.

Upon walking home, a small girl follows him. It is one of the Misaka clones, number 20,001 to be exact. She was meant to be the last order for the experiment. But, with it canceled she was taken out in a smaller and unfinished state.

She follows Accelerator around, even goes to sleep nearby him. The following day he takes her out to lunch and they chat. Last Order believes Accelerator was looking for someone to talk to, and his whole evil nature was nothing more than an act. He did not need to care to talk to any of the clones, but he did, Last Order believes that if one of the clones did not wish to fight, well, he would not fight. He wanted to talk to them for that reason. She then collapses in the restaurant and Accelerator just leaves her there.

He goes to where one of the experiments takes place and meets a woman who is still going over the data. It turns out Last Order, is the control tower for all the clones. She also has a virus in her that may or may not go off at midnight forcing the remaining 10,000ish clones to wipe humanity out. Thus, Accelerator rushes off to save the small Misaka to end the first half of this arc.

Index S1 Ep 19 Pic 6

Episode 20 Plot:

Fairly straight forward episode. To start off we get a brief look at Accelerator’s past. He does hint at having a name that isn’t Accelerator, but, doesn’t give it. As a child it looks like when his powers were starting to form, it looks like the military got involved due to how out of control they were becoming.

Index S1 Ep 20 Pic 1

Back to the present. Last Order was taken by the evil doctor, and Accelerator quickly catches him. But things start to look bad, the information was not reliable, and the virus was already starting to spread. Leaving Accelerator to think quickly on what his move could be. He gets the idea of messing with the bio-electricity to wipe out the virus and goes to work from there. He is really smart too, seeing he remembered all that code, and then managed to figure out how to convert that code into bio-electricity by finding a way to control his powers on that level on his first try.

With less than ten seconds to go for removing the virus, the doctor wakes up and fires his gun. Accelerator needed to remove the virus and due to this all his powers were focused on that. While stopping a bullet normally would be easy, it was impossible at the time. Thus, the bullet hits his brain.

Index S1 Ep 20 Pic 6

He is not dead yet, he uses the last bit of energy to get the doctor away from Last Order before collapsing. The nice doctor lady shows up and finishes the rest. Turns out the Frog Doctor is the real MVP since he manages to put some of the Misaka Network into helping Accelerator talk and think again after his brain was damaged. He also saved everyone’s life. Serious he is probably the strongest character of this series pulling something off like that to end each arc.

Index S1 Ep 20 Pic 7

Overall Thoughts:

So, I am just going to ignore episode 18, since it was sort of filler episode, and while an important event did happen, the episode in general was just alright at best. Nothing more or less.

Now, the actually arc of these episodes was enjoyable. I always did like Accelerator both when he is seen as the antagonist and his road of redemption. It is nice to see his return and have him question really what he is missing. All this time he thought he was invisible and everyone was against him. Toma easily beat him, and now the Last Order easily saw through his façade. It allows for the growth of the character to take shape, and seeing he now has a manga series that has been five years strong now and being somewhat as relevant as Misaka in the novels, well, it is nice to see this change to him.

His redemption is fitting too, and what he said reminded me a bit of what Toma said to him. All the clones’ lives being precious. He knew he killed 10,000 of them, but he wants to make sure the other 10,000 do not die. That one line is just his first step in changing, and now that he is being healed by the same system he was told to destroy and saved, well, it is fitting he is now being saved by that very system. It furthers his tie to it and while he can go on living normally, he now might be on the road to finding what he is missing.

While this arc is rather short, I do like the impact it has on the franchise. Compared to other villains in this series, Accelerator is one of the few that become a regular throughout, and one that becomes a “good guy,” it is nice to see him gain some recognition and not just thrown aside despite seeing as the strongest so early into a series.

What makes these two episodes work even better is no Toma involvement. He would seem out-of-place for what was going on. Accelerator would not be able to go down the path of redemption if Toma was involved. It would have lost its effect, since if Toma appeared, Misaka probably would have as well too much would then be going on and it would have lost interest. Still, with how these two episodes were set up, it managed perfectly without the main character.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: B-

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

Episode 15-17: Angel Fall

Episode 21-24: Kazakiri Hyouka

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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