On the note that Jason is the worst Greek hero who used, abandon, and abused Medea to the point where she went crazy, therefor Medea did nothing wrong, let’s get started on an episode with the newlywed Caster.

The Plot:

Medea stops Shirou asking for help. Anyway, a few hours earlier Medea overheard a conversation with her master/lover/husband Soichiro on a certain meal that maybe Medea could prepare at some point. The only issue is, well, she is not the greatest cook. Thus, if it involves cooking the one person she can talk to about it is Shirou.

Back to where the episode started, Shirou agrees to help, and the two go out shopping for ingredients.

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 9 pic 4

Then comes the time to cook everything. I certainly am glad I am not the only one thinking Shirou goes a little too fast with the explanations, since Medea is having trouble keeping up, despite being a powerful sorceress and even can understand quick chants better than what Shirou is saying.

Artoria shows up and is a bit suspicious of everything. Which, considering what Medea does to her in some of the routes, I don’t blame her. But, the food was good, so she is happy.

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 9 pic 10

Of course, the cooking part soon turns into the eating part, and Medea sums it up nicely:

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 9 pic 12

Sometime later, Medea prepares her own version for Soichiro. But, it doesn’t turn out the way she expected. Soichiro comforts her saying, if she failed she can easily try again and he won’t leave her. Thus the happy couple eats the meal together.

Overall Thoughts:

By now, since we are now 9 episodes in and I seemingly have beating this thing like a dead horse by now, but, I really like how they focused on Medea this episode. I always enjoy the details they go giving the characters a different side to enjoy from what we are used to. Not only that but the details of the cooking itself.

Okay, with that out-of-the-way time to put focus on the stuff relating more to this episode. Medea before, we do get the sense she likes Soichiro in the other anime series. I still have yet to read the VN, and I feel like a disgrace every time I think that, so, at least from what has been animated, we do gain the sense Medea likes Soichiro. This series cranks that up more and gives more of the feeling that they are really both in love with one another and are like a newlywed couple. Sure, Soichiro is always quiet, but, with the few things he says it does come off that her really cares for Medea. And Medea, who has known nothing but betrayal when trying to love, finally experiences love without the betrayal. This episode amplified those feelings they had for one another, and the given amount of time that focused on those aspects made this episode more enjoyable in the end.

Overall Enjoyment: Obvious 95/100

Overall Score: Obvious A since these reviews are becoming more bias each episode

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or manga. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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