The final arc of season one. While my original goal for these reviews was to get to this one months ago, due to being busy, that was not the case. But, at the time of post, I still have all of season two to cover before season three premiers in a little over a month. So, time to finally wrap up the first season.

Episode 21 Plot:

Summer vacation is over, and the day to return to school is here. Of course, Toma cannot bring Index with him to school. While, at first, she is worried. Toma tells her once he gets back they will go and do something fun together. After he leaves, Index realizes there is no food in the house.

Index S1 Ep 21 Pic 1

Meanwhile, in the windowless building, Tsuchimikado, talks to the big man in charge, Aleister, how yet another sorcerer snuck into the city. But, Aleister seems okay with this, since the plan calls for Toma to intervene, at least according to the simulations.

Index S1 Ep 21 Pic 2

Back at school, Toma gets a new transfer student. While, at first it is seemingly Index. It is actually Asia. She never gets the attention she deserves.

With Index not allowed into the classroom, she meets Kazakiri Hyouka. The two become quick friends. Toma of course then accidentally walks in on them while they try to blend in at the school. From there the group chat from some time, before ultimately deciding to do something fun after school.

Index S1 Ep 21 Pic 5

Asia does stop Toma, saying how Kazakiri was from an old school of hers, and she was a top student. Not only that, but she may be the key to know about the mysterious Imaginary Number District-Five Element Institution. Which is the shadow group in charge of the city.

Meanwhile, Kuroko confronts the mysterious sorceress. Only to not only get beaten pretty badly and saved by Bug Zapper, but also having the sorceress to escape. Thus, end of the episode.

Index S1 Ep 21 Pic 7

Episode 22 Plot:

Action starts to pick up this episode. But, before that happens, Toma and the girls do have their fun time together. Until they start hearing voices. Apparently, a telepath was telling everyone to leave do to the terrorist situation.

Index S1 Ep 22 Pic 1

Well, they go to leave, only to have the doors close on them trapping them underground. Toma decides to go and find the sorcerer. Index wants to be a part of it too for once, so she and Kazakiri follow him. Ultimately, they bump into Misaka. Which turns into a slight argument between her and Index. Seriously, it has been six years since I first started to watch this show and I am only now realizing this is their first meeting.

Anyway, Kuroko takes those two away, and says she will come back for Kazakiri. Toma then leaves to find the sorcerer, who at the time is fighting Judgement. Toma goes to fight the sorceress’ golem, only for Kazakiri to appear and take a rock to the face. She then has a chunk of her face missing.

Her and the sorceress escape and Toma gets a call from his teacher. No surprise, but Kazakiri is not human, but that feild of esper energy in human form or something. But, that does not matter to Toma, he still wants to help out. Then this episode ends with Toma saving Kazakiri at last-minute. So, yeah.

Index S1 Ep 22 Pic 7

Episode 23 Plot:

This is the episode where they build up the last episode of the arc through realizations and various forms of prolonging the final fight.

Index S1 Ep 23 Pic 3


So, let me see, Toma fights alongside Judgement to fight off the Golem. Ultimately leading to the escape of the sorceress.

Kazakiri came to terms with being a monster. She is also happy that she finally made friends. Lot of realizations this episode focusing on her.

Oh, the episode ends with Index doing some fighting, since she can mess with the spell a bit. Also, the fact the sorceress is now targeting her.

Index S1 Ep 23 Pic 6

Episode 24 Plot:

So, Toma and the sorceress talk. Well, it turns out her friend Ellis was an esper, who tried to use magic. Remember back in the Angel Fall arc, well, magic and science don’t mix well, so, Ellis died. Her and Toma continue to talk, she has doubts, didn’t want her friend to die, and wants everyone to pay for the death of her friend. Toma defeats her rather quickly.

Of course, Toma defeating her only causes the Golem to go out of control, now it continues right where the last episode ended. Kazakiri saved Index, then Toma rushes in to save both of them. Thus, the Golem is dead. Toma then still needs to comfort Kazakiri that Index still will see her as a friend.

Later, Tsuchimikado talks to Aleister and the possibility that Alteister is trying to create an artificial heaven.  Tsuchimikado also gives the warning if Aleister thinks they can get away with trying to control Toma, they’re sorely mistaken.

Index S1 Ep 24 Pic 8

The season ends with Toma not in the hospital. Also, Kazakiri disappears.

Index S1 Ep 24 Pic 9

Overall Thoughts:

I could have sworn there was a bigger fight in this arc. Perhaps I got it confused with another arc. Either way, I think the biggest issue I have with this arc is Kazakiri. She thinks she is a monster, which, I certainly do not blame her. But, she just repeats it over and over, which causes Toma to repeat how she isn’t a monster over and over. It was this way for two episodes. This was easily the biggest downside to this arc.

As a whole, this felt like an alright place to stop for the anime. Index is a long series, seeing that the anime only covered 6 of now over 40 volumes, in just one season. This arc ends pushing forward towards more conflict. This whole season was just building up, giving a taste of the magic side and the science side of things. This is not the start of a major conflict between both sides, but it is starting to help show that the conflict is rising. Some are for it, on both sides, while others are against it, namely the Toma Faction.

I don’t really have much to say other than that, while I did enjoy this season as a whole, coming back and watching it again after three or so years, it certainly brings back the enjoyment but also has me questioning at some points why I enjoyed it so much. Perhaps it is due to being more analytical of series. I see some episodes of this one and enjoy some arcs over others. Back then, I could sit back and enjoy it all the way through. Not this time, but that does not diminish my enjoyment of the show as a whole. Either way, I am certainly interested on what I will have to say about the next season, which I will be rewatching for the first time in six years.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: B

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

Episode 18-20: Three Stories

Season 2 Episode 1-5: Orsola Aquinas Rescue

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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