Alright, finally on season 2. So, unlike the first season where I have seen it several times since I first watched the series six years ago, season two never got this treatment. I been meaning to rewatch it for some time, but never did. I would stop after just the first season, mostly due to not having access to the dub or some other show came up ultimately stopping my rewatch. So, unlike the first, it has been six years since I watched this season, it is not as fresh in my mind, and well, in a way, the twists I remembered often for the first season, I won’t for this one. It will be somewhat new, and with season three just around the corner, it makes for the perfect time to continue these rewatches.

One final note before beginning, the first episode of season two takes part in the Three Stories arc, in fact it is the third of the three stories. The first episode takes place around the same time as episode 19 and 20. It was even referenced in episode 21. So, while it is not part of the overall arc for the first five episodes, it will be covered with those episodes. The Three Stories Arc episode review can be found here. Anyway, let’s get started.

Due to the chunk of episodes, I am going to be (trying to) do it much more brief than normal.

Episode 1 Plot:

So, this takes place a few hours after Toma was with Misaka to pretend they were in a relationship. Toma struggles to do his homework. This sets up most of the first half. He gets attacked at a restaurant and his homework is in shreds.


Anyway, Index gets kidnapped. The dude wanted to see a grimoire that Index has in order to save a woman he loves. Toma saves the day by beating up the guy. Then offers to save the woman who that dude loves. Thus, Toma still has not done his homework and the day ends.


Episode 2 Plot:

So, it turns out Kaori’s old friends are potential enemies. Stiyl is tasked with going after the Book of Law, which if translated could lead to unlimited power. Of course, at the time it was stolen, a person that could translate it has been found, well, has gone missing. So, he is tasked with going to find that person, Orsola.

Index S2 Ep 2 Pic 1

Of course, logically since it is in Japan he “kidnaps” Index. So, Toma goes to meet up with them, only to meet with the missing person, and translator at the same time.

Index S2 Ep 2 Pic 2

But, upon meeting up with Stiyl, the girl they been looking for gets kidnapped right in front of them. Index also knows what is going on too.

Index S2 Ep 2 Pic 3

So, everyone prepares to make their move since, there is a limit to when the kidnappers could teleport away, and everyone else stopping them. That is about it for this episode.

Index S2 Ep 2 Pic 4

Episode 3 Plot:

So, Stiyl informs Toma that Kaori might be an enemy. He tells them this while they go to the meeting point.

Index S2 Ep 3 Pic 1

Of course, they are then attacked and quickly separated leaving Toma on his own. He then runs into an arm bound and gagged Orsola. Luckily with his Right Hand power, the magic is negated. Honestly, I questioned why her legs weren’t bound while she escaped. Also, why wasn’t she being watched. These enemies were sloppy.


Anyway, Stiyl falls from the sky, and the seemingly big bad fights him. This fight ends pretty quickly once Toma enters the ring.

Index S2 Ep 3 Pic 5

Later on the seemingly big boss of this arc, kind of reveals what is going on. His group stays in the shadows, they do not want to make off with a power that will make them obvious. The Roman Church double crossed them, and is now going to kill Orsola, since she can decipher the power that could in theory stop them.

Index S2 Ep 3 Pic 6

While, Toma isn’t jumping to believe him just yet, seeing that Orsola screams, and then one of the sister’s attacks Toma, yeah, looking like everyone is evil this arc.

Index S2 Ep 3 Pic 7

Episode 4 Plot:

So, Toma goes to save Orsola, after acting like he is just going to go pick up some food.

Index S2 Ep 4 Pic 1

It turns out, that Cross, Toma gave her in the previous episode, which, honestly, I did not think was important at the time. Well, seeing that Roman Catholics are dealing with Orsola. The cross that was given to her was from the English Puritan group, so in Stiyl’s eyes, she is under his protection. So, once Toma bursts into save her, everyone else quickly follows be it intentionally or unintentionally.

Index S2 Ep 4 Pic 2

So, a massive fight breaks out. There is some infighting with the Roman Catholic group. Index uses the power of the grimoires, and well, the fight goes on.  While Index is pretty strong, this episode ends with the girls to stabbing their ears to become deaf, so they can fight Index without hearing her chants.


Index S2 Ep 4 Pic 6

Episode 5 Plot:

Continuing where the last episode ended, well, the group escapes. It also turns out, that, they could use the Book of the Law’s power, since Index knows about it within her memory. But, if she does decode it more magicians will come after them. It also turns out that Orsola, does not really know of the way to decode it. So, they are stuck with no bargaining chip.

Index S2 Ep 5 Pic 1

Toma thinks of a plan, however, and goes to confront the true big bad of this arc. So, while she claims, Toma is just using his friends as a decoy so he can try to take her down. Well, the fight ends with Toma’s victory. It also turns out Stiyl was placing over 4000 ruins around the area to amplify his spell, dealing with their low numbers with sheer power.


The fight ends completely, and Toma, like all arcs, wakes up in the hospital. Kaori is there to not only thank him, but to inform him of what happened. Pretty much everyone is safe and under the English Puritan protection. Toma reminds Kaori he is only part of that group, because Index is as well. Thus, the arc is done.

Index S2 Ep 5 Pic 5

Overall Thoughts:

So, first episode. I want to say it worked well as a start of the new season. It reintroduced the main character and well, the basic concepts of the series. However, I personally would have preferred to have them just jump right into the first arc. The story for this episode, did take part between episodes of season one. And, honestly, could have been watched during that time. I really do not consider season 2 starting until episode 2.

Anyway, as for the arc itself, seeing that it has been six years since I saw this show, I really forgot about the twist this arc had. It had much more of an impact and took a step away from the norm of this series, of it being obvious who the villain is. It also plays a major role in this season and the rest of this series that this conflict with the Roman Church is starting to escalate. The first season had a mix of magic and science. Now, is the start of a lot of magic stories.

What stuck out most, besides the few seemingly plot holes here and there. But, that is beside the point. Except the major one being how Orsola managed to escape, how Stiyl knew Toma would give Orsola the cross, why hasn’t Index used the grimoires before, and a few other things. I mean the Index one, being easily the most important, since she demonstrated a bit in the final arc of the first season, but this season she does sometimes play an active role. If I remember correctly.

The other thing being how Stiyl mentioned if Index did decode the Book of the Law more magicians would go after them. To date only two have. I mean, considering the time frame for the series to this point has been a little over a month, that is still something, but still, it feels like Index never had a huge target on her back, despite being always said she has a huge target on her back.

This arc, despite its flaws, did help set up a lot for the future of this series. So, it was nice to find it enjoyable. Hopefully, I continue watching this season like I did for this arc. Since, I watched it all in the span of two days, instead of two weeks. My goal is still to finish the reviews of this before season three airs. I intend to keep that goal.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B-

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

S1 Episode 21-24: Kazakiri Hyouka

S2 Episode 6 and 7: Tree Diagram Remnant

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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