The calm before the storm, sort of. This arc might be short, but the one to follow is a big one, covering six episodes. For once, this arc tries to turn its focus away from Toma and Index, and instead focus on Kuroko. While she might love her Onee-sama, well, this arc might deal a lot with that Railgun, but puts more focus on a character we have seen more and know little about in comparison. So, enough rambling, let’s get started.

Episode 6 Plot:

So, Toma mentions to Index that the weather used to be more accurate. This was due to the Tree Diagram’s recent destruction causing it to not be as accurate as before.

Index S2 Ep 6 Pic 1

Anyway, onto the real star of the arc. Kuroko asks Misaka to go out and spend time with her. She has been busy lately, and well, wants to spend time with her Onee-sama. I should add, that while they are not related, Kuroko really cares for Misaka, thus calling her Onee-sama, or Sissy in the dub. She also finds out that Misaka might like Toma.

Index S2 Ep 6 Pic 2

Kuroko gets a call for work and leaves to go on the scene. The package was stolen, and well, it is later known to have the important fragment that could restart the level 6 experiment. Anyway, Kuroko fights another teleporter, loses, and gets pretty wounded in the fight.

There is a small scene with Accelerator and the small Misaka.

Index S2 Ep 6 Pic 6

Then back to Kuroko, well, Misaka went after the teleporter after learning how badly Kuroko was beaten, and upon hearing the fact that the sisters might be restarted. It puts her in a pretty bad mood. This episode ends with Kuroko continuing to pursue the teleporter.

Index S2 Ep 6 Pic 7

Episode 7 Plot:

Alright, so, Kuroko seemingly knows where the new Teleporter is. Well, that new Teleporter, despite her fear of teleporting herself, she did and well, it is clear she could not get over her trauma. The two then fight.

While this is happening, the Misaka Sisters start talking with one another how they cannot allow for the Remnant to start the project up again. The one Sister that we see often rushes off to go get help. Of course, Last Order is in on this conversation.

Then the villain starts talking about wanting the Remnant to know if dolphins can get esper powers or something. I am being rather serious about this.

Anyway, Misaka 10032 goes to ask Toma for help.

Index S2 Ep 7 Pic 5

Then the villain talks about how she wants to use what is in the case to prevent espers from becoming monsters. Kuruko gives a Toma like speech stating that well, no one is a monster, the powers will not turn someone into a monster, it is those who decide what they do with that power. Then after more fighting, Kuruko getting shot at some point, and well, the villain loses control, and escapes.

Index S2 Ep 7 Pic 6

The building then starts collapsing and Toma and the normal Misaka go and save her. Seriously Toma has some skills jumping up falling objects. Too bad he is only this coordinated in a fight.

Index S2 Ep 7 Pic 7

Then Accelerator shows up and beats up the villain, also being annoyed at the fact he still wants to be Top Dog and prove it to the small Misaka. He did it for her.

The arc ends in the hospital, but it is Kuruko and she wants to be more prepared to help her beloved Onee-sama more next time.

Overall Thoughts:

There are some things I am glad I did not remember. I mean I remembered how Kuruko was fighting another Teleporter this arc. But, that whole conversation about the dolphins and wondering if non-humans could obtain abilities, made it sound really dumb. Unlike other Index arcs this one was also rather short, so, while I haven’t read this volume of the light novels, it does feel like some other key moments were left out.

This arc was certainly weak compared to the others. I think it might be the fact that, not much happened. Yes, I did like how it gave more depth to Kuruko and where she fits into this series, but, this arc feels like it could easily be skipped. I mean, I do like the concept of how if this remnant gets into the wrong hands, literally everything about the Sisters arc could start-up again. It certainly gave it more importance. But, I do wish there was more to this arc. It felt like there was a good idea here, just executed imperfectly.

More than anything, this arc, and how it happened, made it come more off as a filler arc to pass time between the last arc and the next one, which is pretty big. It is the first in the series where it covers two volumes for the same arc, and well, a lot happens. More on that next review. But, it does not change the fact that this arc feels more filler like.

Filler like episodes for Index always where the show is at its weakest. While they might be canon, and they do give good ideas, they are just executed poorly. It was like the Misaka fake dating Toma episode back in season one. It, just does not work out, but had some important moments or ideas. These two episodes were no different.

Either way, it was okay, and it was nice to see someone else take the spotlight for a change, even if Accelerator stole it at the end.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: C-

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

Season 2 Episode 1-5: Orsola Aquinas Resuce

Season 2 Episode 8-10: Daihasei Festival Part 1

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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