Alright, a major arc time, so much so that I must split it between two reviews. Anyway, I will talk about my thoughts briefly for these episodes, and the cover my overall thoughts in the next part for the arc as a whole. So, let’s get right into it.

Episode 8 Plot:

So, Toma’s parents are back. This time we get to see a different side to Toma’s mom, as she gets quickly jealous with his father. Turns out he is unintentionally flirty. Oddly enough the woman he is helping is Misaka’s mother.

Index S2 Ep 8 Pic 1

Toma and Misaka also have a bet on whoever wins gets to tell the loser to do whatever they want. Misaka is both glad and nervous by this.

Index S2 Ep 8 Pic 2

Anyway, as Index puts it, Toma is busy and really pumped for today. So, she is out doing her own thing for this.

Index S2 Ep 8 Pic 3

At school Toma finds out his class is not nearly as pumped up as him. And after seeing his teacher cry and being told by some other teacher all her students are failures. Well, certainly that helped their determination. All the Level Zeroes were able to win the first round.

Index S2 Ep 8 Pic 4

Meanwhile Index is hungry and runs into Misaka. She still is hungry when Toma finally catches up to her.

After a few more events and Toma getting dragged around he meets up with Stiyl. It turns out, well Aliester pointed it out earlier in the episode, but, it is easier to talk about here. But, there is a trade going on with a magical item. It is known as the Stab Sword. Now, why isn’t Kazuki here, well, it is a weapon that can kill saints. Also, if it gets into the hands of a saint, it would be able to kill anyone or thing with a single hit. So, it is dangerous.

Index S2 Ep 8 Pic 7

More fun things happen before Toma unintentionally bumps into the main villain, Oriana, for this arc to end this episode.

Episode 9 Plot:

So, Route Disturb, is the magician Toma is following. She quickly catches on and makes a run for it.

Index S2 Ep 9 Pic 1

Toma bumps into Stiyl and Tsuchimikado who help aid him in chasing the target. However, she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, and is not an easy target.

Index S2 Ep 9 Pic 2

She not only escapes but is able to counter any trace spells on her. Thus, they think she has created a grimoire for this type of situation. Stiyl is down for the count now.

But Toma and Tsuchimikado follow a lead, which it turns out Oriana might have tampered with it. Simply touching the spell could hurt someone. So, they sneak in.

Of course, the event is for Misaka’s school, and she is not too happy that Toma is crashing her event. While Toma does think Misaka is about to touch one of the Shorthand spells. It doesn’t. Not only that but one of Toma’s classmates, Fukiyose, ends up touching the real one to get hospitalized. Thus, ending the episode with Toma now angry and even more motivated in catching this person.

Episode 10 Plot:

So, Toma and Tsuchimikado continue to follow Oriana. Ultimately, she gets on an empty bus, and due to some planning ahead, Stiyl put his runes on all the buses at the station well in advance. So, they blew up the bus Oriana was riding. Of course, she comes out unscathed, and a fight breaks out.


Toma is obviously the winner, and she left the Stab Sword behind. Only, it was a billboard.

Index S2 Ep 10 Pic 4

It also turns out the Stab Sword is not really a sword, but in fact a cross. One that could bring the end to Academy City. It turns out that, if the cross is struck at the right place it would put Roman Catholic in control of it. Thus, unbalancing the magic vs science fifty-fifty and putting everything in favor of the Roman Catholics. So, stakes are high. It is also a clear sign war might be wagered if the plan succeeds.

The episode ends with Toma’s parents meeting Misaka and all of them realizing that Misaka’s mom is not her older sister, but her mom. Also, Misaka is wondering exactly where Index is living, but that is swept under the rug due to the mom reveal.

Overall Thoughts:

Now, like I stated at the start, I only plan to briefly touch on my thoughts, since this is a two-part post. Anyway, one thing I do hate about this series is how Index is treated. She is the title character yet, she cannot do anything when she could help with something because more magicians would go after her. It makes her feel too much like a background character and these last few episodes really made that feel that way.

Now, I am glad this arc is rather long, since it ended right at a good place half way through. While there was a decent fight, not everything is what it seems, and the urgency just upped the ante.

This arc is still trying to have some fun at parts, and considering it is a festival, it is nice to see Toma trying to juggle these aspects of his life without them all crashing against him.

Still, it was a nice start to this arc, and there were certainly few dull moments, and a lot of repetition of Toma walking in on people. I would say he needs to learn to knock, but, well, more on that running gag in the next arc.

Either way, it was still a decent start, and certainly had some nice build up compared to the previous two arcs. Nice to see it not being over yet, since there may be more twists to come.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

Season 2 Episode 6-7: Tree Diagram Remnant

Season 2 Episode 11-13: Daihasei Festival Part 2

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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