Alright, second part for this arc. I know I said this in the first part, but, at the end of this post I will be covering my thoughts on all the episodes in this arc. So, without dragging this on any longer, let’s get started.

Episode 11 Plot:

Continuing where the last episode left off, Toma has time to talk with Misaka’s mom. Well, a few things happen, notably, Toma’s mom being a yandere, Index wondering why so many women are around Toma, and Toma getting nervous at Index’s bite, even though she is nervous from the kiss in the previous episode.

Once that was done, sometime later an embarrassing moment with Index and Misaka seeing them, causing Toma to get hit by a right hook for once.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 4

Then the chase is finally on to find Oriana. She happens to be talking to her sister, her co-conspirator in this crusade of theirs.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 3

Styil happens to be talking to Sherry, the villain from the final arc of season one and Orsola, who happen to be rather friendly to one another. I honestly forgot these two appeared after their arcs. But, that conversation ends quickly as Tsuchimikado finds out where Oriana is, so everyone goes after her.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 5

Styil gets some important information, but I think it is in Italian. Not one hundred percent sure. I get about information and book out of the words in that picture, so, maybe Spanish?

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 6

Anyway, Oriana knows Tsuchimikado is using a spell to track her. She goes after him, and honestly, Tsuchimikado puts up a good fight. The two even exchange magic names, which is rare but important in this series.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 7

But, Oriana leaves, believing Tsuchimikado’s bluff that Kanzaki is on her way to stop Oriana’s plan.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 8

Oriana then runs into Hime, and well, once she sees Hime’s cross, which is to suppress her power and nothing else, she thinks Hime is someone after her. Well, Hime is down for the count.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 9

Toma and Styil catch up. Toma is even more angry now. But, Styil does notice the teacher using the healing spell Index taught her back in Arc One. So, Styil stays behind while Toma rushes to save the day.

Index S2 Ep 11 Pic 10

Episode 12 Plot:

So, Toma learns that the cross might only be able to activate towards sundown and it depends on the star alignment. This talk goes on for a while. During which time, Styil calls to inform them Himegami is safe. Also, Kuroko meets Misaka’s mom.

After all that talking is done. And, after they thought the what the conditions were, Orsola gives them some important information. As long as the cross can see the stars, it can be set up anywhere in the world. The perfect location, which Oriana is already heading to is District 23’s airport. Toma, Styil, Tsuchimikado head that way.

Meanwhile, Toma’s parents ask his teacher where Toma was. Ultimately, they learn he was doing this willingly and know that whatever he is doing certainly is more important than the competition and support the reasoning for his absence.

Index S2 Ep 12 Pic 6

The final fight starts to kick off, and well, Toma and Styil get their butt kicked a bit. Tsuchimikado was down for the count before the fight started too. This episode ends with Toma giving his “I will break your illusions” speech.

Episode 13 Plot:

The fight this episode starts off with is pretty much Toma and Styil getting their butts kicked some more. Styil is also fairly clumsy too.

But, Oriana pulls off some impressive moves. Namely doing an attack that, even after Toma dispelled it, exploded causing some serious damage to himself. Anyway, Toma still lands the final hit to save the day.

Index S2 Ep 13 Pic 4

It also turns out that the cross is nowhere near where they were fighting. Time starts to count down, and well. Right when it was supposed to happen, fireworks around the city going off. No matter where the cross was being placed, the fireworks lit the sky up.

Anyway, several hospital scenes, Aisa being alright, and loved by Index. Toma being reminded that his class lost, so he lost the bet with Misaka.

Between those two scenes, to end the arc, turns out the real big bad had some assassination attempt on her. It is unknown if she lived or not, but, she did manage to save the cross as her body was thrown out a plane.

Index S2 Ep 13 Pic 7

Overall Thoughts:

The final episode in this arc, felt like something was missing. Between that final fight and then Toma being in the hospital. Again, I have not read the light novels, so, maybe there was or maybe there wasn’t. Either way it felt like the jump was rather quick, as it felt like it was building up for Toma to rush across town to put an end to this fight.

Now, this arc, I wish it had a little more interaction with the events, at least in the first three episodes. It would have been nice to see Toma trying to juggle both the magic aspects and student aspects of his life. But, I did like how they weaved in the non-magic part. Index wondering where he was, he was in denial about it, also how Toma’s parents reacted to him not being around. It made sense and certainly did make up for this aspect. But, the festival was built up since the season began, even in a minor scene at the end of the first season, it felt like there could have been a tiny bit more to it.

There was also the villain this arc. It gave them a different outlook compared to other ones, and they did not want to cause harm to anyone. She even felt guilty learning that she did, twice. Toma bringing them up in the fight seemed to bother Oriana too, which, has not really been seen with other villains. They all have their own goals, and this one wanted to do it for other’s happiness. But, it was forcing the happiness that was the issue.

As for Sherry, the villain from the season one final arc, it was nice to see her turn over a new leaf. Sure, maybe not Accelerator levels, where she appears often and gets her own spin-off, but enough to know that she is in the background to help occasionally. On the Accelerator note, it was nice to see a small moment with at least hearing Last Order’s voice, and Toma being curious about it. I am glad they added something small like that in, since much like how it took forever for Misaka and Index to meet, it is going to be a little while longer until Toma and Accelerator meet again. Honestly, I am surprised I forgot about it, being six years since I saw any of season two, I only faintly remember the meeting.

Anyway, this arc, at least towards the end, is where I seemed to forget it the most. I am kind of glad I did not remember most of it. It made these last six episodes more enjoyable. Sure, sometimes it did feel like they were trying to drag a scene on, namely episode 12, and how it spent half the episode trying to figure out if the cross was activated by the sun or not. But, even those moments, well, although it dragged the arc along, it still gave a little more details for the world this series is set in.

The more I do these reviews, the more I seem to forget it is NOT ALL ABOUT THE REVIEWS. Instead these types of posts, where I rewatch a bunch of episodes, it comes off as more of what do I remember, or do I still enjoy it after since I watched it the first time. I did not really get into this mindset with the first season, partially because I saw it several times. But, this season is different, I only saw it once, and the more I continue this rewatch, the more I am remembering why I enjoyed this series so long ago, as it rekindles my joy for it.

Either way, I shall continue with these rewatch posts. There is less than 20 days left at the time of this post before Season Three airs, and I have eleven more episodes to cover. So, hopefully the remaining half of this season I will see the same enjoyment that I did in the first half.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

Season 2 Episode 8-10: Daihasei Festival Part 1

Season 2 Episode 14-16: The Queen of the Adriatic Sea

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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