Alright, I am not beating around the bush, since this is now the final stretch for the second season. Since this review will be in two parts given the size, I will be covering my overall thoughts for the arc in the second part. For this post anyway, it will be like the first post in the Festival Arc, where I briefly go over my thoughts for these three episodes. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Episode 17 Plot:

Well, since the Daihasei Festival, Misaka has apparently been dreaming every night, much to Kuroko’s displeasure, about the penalty game with Toma. Thus, this episode covers those two going about with said penalty game.

Index S2 Ep 17 Pic 1

But it is not just that, Toma goes through his school antics, the Misaka clones get used to their new situation, and Accelerator heads to a new home before the Penalty game begins.

The first step in the penalty game is Misaka and her love of frog things, well, she wants a strap, so she goes to pretend to be a couple with Toma to sign up for a cell plane that will get her a limited time offered frog strap of her favorite frog character. That is there half of the episode.

Meanwhile Accelerator moves in with the Anti-Skill teacher. She is apparently close with the scientist lady back from The Three Stories arc. Anyway, it is now known he can only use his powers for 15 minutes at a time. Also, once the little Misaka steals 10032’s goggles, it is time for revolution and that is how this episode ends.

Episode 18 Plot:

Alright, after a scene with the Archbishop and Stiyl being angry at her as well as Kaori and the washing machine, it is back to Toma. It turns out that 10032 is confused for the normal Misaka, seeing that she is not wearing her goggles. So, Toma decides to get her something that will help make her stand out. So, he gets her a necklace.

Index S2 Ep 18 Pic 1

Meanwhile, Last Order leaves a message how she will be home for dinner, and so, Accelerator tries, and eventually does go out to look for her. He later runs into Index and while Index tries to find Toma, Accelerator tries to find Last Order.

Index S2 Ep 18 Pic 2

Back to Toma, turns out all Misakas like frogs. Also, Last Order shows up and wants to play with Toma. She mentions how in a way she would hope to meet him, so she could thank him. She also mentions how she needs to go home soon or someone will be worried, that someone being Accelerator. But, she sees him as weak and doesn’t want to be a burden, as well as wants to protect him. Thus the episode ends with Index and Last Order meeting up with Toma and Accelerator respectively.

Episode 19 Plot:

So, Accelerator is being the Tsun that he is and goes off to get something for Last Order. She scrapped her knees and well, he acts like a tough guy only to get her band aids. Of course, on his way back he is attacked.

Index S2 Ep 19 Pic 1

While, it would be expected for him to destroy any foe that gets in his path, well, this comes down to another loss for him. I mean, the Last Order fight could be a draw, he lived after all. But, yeah, he gets beaten pretty badly. The foe even threatens Last Order only to have Accelerator blow her away to some unknown location. The scene ends with Index showing up to save him.

Toma finds a bunch of Anti Skill members collapsing, only for Last Order to show up begging him to save Accelerator.

Index S2 Ep 19 Pic 5

Then the culprit behind it all, the Right Seat of God, threatens Aleister. Thus, ending the episode with him putting his plan into motion that involves both Last Order and Kazakiri.

Index S2 Ep 19 Pic 6

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, I am really surprised I forgot that fight with Accelerator. He got beaten so badly, yet, for a character as powerful as him, I am surprised I forgot something like that. I mean, granted yes, he tends to get beaten pretty badly, and a lot more often than he should, but still, it should have left more of an impact.

Now, as for the other two episodes here, they seemed lack luster, and dragged on at times. This is more for the first episode for this arc, but, again, this is two volumes, and it is safe to say that of those first two volumes, episode 19 was the end of one of them. The penalty game felt like it dragged on a bit. Then again, perhaps it only felt this way because of it bleeding into the following episode. It was nice to see Toma and Last Order together as well as Accelerator and Index, but, a few things here and there, and well, it still would not feel right if those two episodes combined into a single one. It would have felt too rushed and forced. This half of the arc, certainly felt slower, and a lot slower compared to the first half of the Daihasei Festival.

Either way, I will leave it at that and go into more of my thoughts in the next post when the arc is completed.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: C

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

S2 Episode 14-16: The Queen of the Adriatic Sea

S2 Episode 20-22: Academy City Invasion Part 2

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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