Well, seeing that I talked about how slow this arc was feeling, completely feels weird now that the episodes that followed really kicked up the action. Now there is only one more Bulk Review left for this series, so, let’s get right into it.

Episode 20 Plot:

Alright, so, I was really into the episode, so not a lot of pictures. Toma and Last Order were attacked, turns out the Right-Hand Seat of God found him, and was tasked with killing Toma. He apparently made himself an enemy of the Roman Catholic church and they want him dead. So, that fight starts off this episode.

Meanwhile for Accelerator. The Frog Doctor tells him he cannot save Last Order without hurting himself, which Accelerator doesn’t care. He then processed to hunt the pack of dogs that are after him. Well, Accelerator clearly goes on a killing spree with these mercenaries. This is to the point where the episode ends putting him on a wanted list.

Episode 21 Plot:

So, Tsuchimikado nearly starts a fight. It is with someone with connection to what is going on. But this fight ends rather quickly.

Index S2 Ep 21 Pic 1

Anyway, Accelerator goes on a killing spree. But, the people before he could get to them got a call from the Frog Doctor, stating that, if they don’t die he can make sure they live, and also that they should not pick the fight that they are picking. But, they did not listen.

Index S2 Ep 21 Pic 2

Accelerator then gets a call, from Toma of all people. He calls to tell him that he has Last Order and they should meet up.

Index S2 Ep 21 Pic 3

Between the meet up and so on, Toma lost Last Order. She was taken by those dog mercenaries. Of course, Toma still goes to the meeting point only to find his foe for this arc, the Right-Hand Seat of God. But, there is no fight, they flee once they see something in the sky, an Angel.

It turns out this Angel is Kazakiri, and Toma swears to Index, since he runs into her and Misaka, that he will save her. The three then rush to the scene, only for Misaka to fight off the mercenaries, and Index to try to figure out a way to save Kazakiri.

Index S2 Ep 21 Pic 6

Accelerator fights his foe for this arc, but, before the fight can really pick up, his part of the episode ends. Toma’s part also soon ends once he makes it to Kazakiri and the fight with the Right-Hand Seat of God nearly starts.

Episode 22:

The fights start-up, and well, Accelerator is down for the count when it just started. He kind of ran out of time in terms of power use.

Index S2 Ep 22 Pic 1

Toma on the other hand, well, things are turning out pretty good. The people in the surrounding area are protected by Kazikiri. It also turns out that it is damaging Vento. So, this fight is looking in Toma’s favor.

Index S2 Ep 22 Pic 2

As for Accelerator, he goes full-blown Zombie mode, ripping out hair, and well, not caring about how much he is being hit. Index then shows up, figuring out that Last Order is now connected to this new Angel, so, she tries to figure out what to do. Turns out, she needs to sing, so she does.

Back to Toma, who, after a speech, wins the fight.

Accelerator then turns into an Angel or something and disintegrates his enemy. This episode ends in the post credits with Vento being taken away by a saint.

Index S2 Ep 22 Pic 8

Overall Thoughts:

The first three episodes in this arc, certainly felt lackluster in comparison to these three episodes. Perhaps it is due to focusing on the penalty game and building up the suspense this arc. The fourth episode really kicked it off and the action started to only climb from there. This is a major arc that has a lasting effect on the series, and while at first it does not seem that way, these three episodes give that feeling.

I think my biggest issue with this arc is its ending. It felt a little rushed at the very end, more on the post credit scene than anything. The Saint swoops in and swoops away at a moment’s notice. It gets build up, and even Kazukiri’s part does too, but, again, it feels like it was a little rushed. Sure, it is implied that Index saved Kazukiri, but, there is no complete reaction. And, again, I haven’t seen this season in six years, and I wanted to double-check. It turns out it does go into the next episode, for about half of it. So, this thought is now up in the air until the final post.

Aside from that, at times it did feel rather slow passed, this was again in the first batch of episodes than in this half. But it did make it feel like this arc was both too short at times and too long. It felt like the action was cutting between Accelerator and Toma to the point where the story begins to suffer. It boosts the enjoyment of one character, only to cut away and needing to build up for the other, and repeats. While both sides certainly were interesting, especially since Toma and Accelerator did not know they were helping one another, it does lose some entertainment due to the timing. This felt more in the final episode than anything.

But, back to what I enjoyed most in this arc, the fact Toma and Accelerator, who as far as we know still do not like one another due to the events in the Sisters arc, unknowingly working together. Both sides clashed, but both had their own goals that tied together in a nice way. While it could have been two different stories, it was nice to see them connected both through the characters and the events that were happening.

While this arc certainly had ups and downs, and while some of the conclusion will be talked about in the final post next time, it was still an enjoyable arc and one that will help shape the events in the new season.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: B-

This show is over almost a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

S2 Episode 17-19: Academy City Invasion Part 1

S2 Episode 23-24: Skill-Out Uprising

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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