I started my rewatch of this show back in December 2017 knowing that Season 3 would be soon. I had the intention of it being out monthly to biweekly at times. But, that did not happen. The first season, seeing it several times, it had me questioning if I enjoyed this show as much as I did all those years ago. Then season two came, and with little memory since it is the first rewatch of the second season, well, I see myself enjoying this show as much as I did six years ago. At the time of this post, the third season will be out tomorrow. But, the day the post comes out, marks the ten-year anniversary of the first season. So, since this is the final bulk review, I will not only be talking about my thoughts from this arc, but the series to this point as a whole. The wait is finally over, so let’s get right into it.

Episode 23 Plot:

This episode is somewhat split in half. It gives the proper conclusion to the last arc. From Toma giving a speech to Kazukiri, Kazukiri believing she is a monster, and well, this half ends with the Frog Doctor threatening the mysterious boss of Academy City. Accelerator is also made an offer he honestly cannot refuse as well. Overall, it did give a good conclusion to the last arc.

Now, onto the latter half of the episode, which is the start of the new arc. Toma is in class, and well, the talks of a war starting any day now is on all the students mind. His teacher apparently took in the teleporter that fought Kuroko a few arcs back and Accelerator and Last Order quickly moved out of their new place unexpectedly. Then again, Accelerator was also living with a member of a group that is after him.

Anyway, Toma’s class, to help keep their mind off the war, go out for a big meal together. His teacher mentions a lot of parents wanting to have their children return home due to the possible war, and everyone tries to keep their mind off it. Tsukimikado and Toma then talk outside, where, Toma feels like he needs to step up his game. After all, some pretty powerful enemies are on their way and the battles will only get harder, thus, he wants to learn English. All his enemies were kind enough to speak Japanese, and he doesn’t want to feel coddled.

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Onto Accelerator, who is now in a group known as GROUP. It is full of people seen before, Tsukimikado, who is only there to protect someone he cares about, the teleporter girl who fought Kuroko, and also that one guy that pretended to like Misaka back in season one, you know memorable people.

But, their job is expendable, and Accelerator is tasked with taking out a gang of a bunch of level 0s. There are enemies everywhere, and this group known as Skill-Out, while they may be doing things that sound like pranks, are certainly up to something. So, they bring the fight to them.

Index S2 Ep 23 Pic 11

Episode 24 Plot:

The fight starts, and well, Accelerator gets hit pretty badly. For a level 0, that isn’t Toma, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He even has an item that blocks esper powers. But, Accelerator quickly outwits him and wins. Although, winning is used loosely here, since the leader killed himself.

Accelerator decides to take some Over Time, which deals with seeing that Level 0’s sister or something, the scene was skipped over, so, it can’t be that important. But, that night Accelerator runs into none other than Misaka’s mom.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 4

Thankfully, he somehow escapes her drunken flirty-ness, only for her taxi to stop, and Toma help her out. But, Toma helps get her on her way. She is here in the city to look up some information.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 5

Accelerator then gets a call from the boss. It turns out he wants Misaka’s mom to be taken care of, as in killed. This is due to her leading the group of parents that wish to take their children out of Academy City. So, Accelerator decides to do the opposite. Also, he gets enraged by seeing Toma rushing by to the sight where Misaka’s mom is. And despite the leader of Skill-Out being taken out, a bunch of his members are taking out that attack.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 6

Toma talks on the phone to Misaka’s mom, who does not wish to call her daughter because she feels she could never face her again otherwise. Toma saves her and escapes the building. Accelerator also goes on a rampage behind the scenes.

I guess the person who could be the new leader, stops Toma. Toma then gives his “Toma Speech” focusing a lot how Skill Out is giving all Level 0s a bad name. Thus, despite being a Level 0 himself, looks down on these bad guys. Thus, winning the fight. It was weird after 48 episodes seeing a fist fight with no sort of powers involved.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 9

Tuskimikado talks to Accelerator, saying they need to work together. Also, Misaka’s mom was only in the city because she wanted to take Misaka back. Seeing how powerful her daughter is, it is kind of obvious people would not want her daughter to leave. But, her mom changed her mind knowing Toma is there to protect her.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 10

Thus, ending season two with Toma feeling a little luckier.

Index S2 Ep 24 Pic 11

Overall Thoughts:

I liked how this gave a better conclusion to the last arc. But, unfortunately, with how the last arc bled into these two episodes, it made it feel both rushed and things left out. Although, I do not know the magnitude of what was left out, or if anything was left out when Accelerator was on his own for a time. But, it still worked out. Sure, it forced all the action into this episode. But, last episode was more build up for what is to come, war. It allows for the immediate reaction to everyone in the city and what is on everyone’s mind. People leaving, thinking of leaving, as well as the new issues this brings. It does not come down to how strong someone is, even Misaka being one of the strongest, was running the risk of being forced to leave the city.

The villain for this arc was a nice touch, no one with special powers, but still wanting to prove who they are, and giving them a meaning. It provided drama, but, felt like it did not get nearly as much as it should have due to the short length of the arc.

Overall, while this arc is short. It does help show how much the show has come, while still promoting the fact that this series is far from over. If anything, this is really now the true starting point. And also, the reason why I been so excited for season three.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B+

Overall Thoughts of Season 1 and Season 2:

Back watching season 1, it did feel like, because I saw it so many times, it took the overall enjoyment of this series out of it. I could see why I enjoyed it so much back then. But, as of right now, felt like I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I used to. Season 2 clearly changed my mind on that. While it did seem new, and only because it has been six years since I saw it, but, it does not change the fact I enjoyed it more. Some of the arcs did feel weaker at times, but, the overall build up and lasting impact, and the build up from before paying off, well, it made it a lot more enjoyable than season one. The consequences start to show up to be longer lasting.

After finishing this season, I can honestly say I feel the same way I did six years ago, this series is still one of my favorites, and I am glad that has not changed. In fact, it makes me only more excited for the new season. I am glad I took the time these past few months and rewatched it with a more analytical mind than when I first saw it.

So, with this being the final bulk review of this series, if you watched these first two seasons, I hope you enjoyed. The dreams of a third season are soon to be a reality and well, I am glad I started to do these reviews.

This show is a decade old, so I may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three.

S2 Ep 20-22: Academy City Invasion Part 2

S3 Ep 1: ???

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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