So, I know I will be talking about this more later, but, I am glad I haven’t read the light novels to where season 3 is being covered. I say this because it makes the surprise of this episode certainly more impactful. This is I think volume 14’s adaptation. And after 13 volumes and 45 episodes, Toma’s amnesia is finally being important and might even be a major issue.  Again, more on that later’ so let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, the fight with the Right Seat member continue. Tsuchimikado shows up, and even claims he will finish the fight in less than ten seconds. But robo-mechs from Academy City show up and end the fight prematurely.

Toma, Itsuwa and Tsuchimikado escape and then split up. Tsuchimikado decides to be the distraction so Toma and Itsuwa can go and stop the Document of C. While he is doing that, Toma decides to call Misaka and get to the bottom of what is going on. It turns out Academy City is helping with the riots and are claiming to help put a stop to an inhuman weapon the church may have.

Anyway, the Right Seat member shows up and well a fight continues.

Index S3 Ep 3 Pic 6

Meanwhile Tsuchimikado makes note that Academy City is serious about this, bringing in Stealth Bombers. One in which has Accelerator who tells them where to target.

Index S3 Ep 3 Pic 7

Back to Toma, the fight goes, fairly expected. Toma gets beaten, finds the weakness, gives speech, and serves his good ol’ Toma punch to end the fight. But, it is not just that. During the fight the Right Seat member managed to learn something rather interesting. Toma lost his memory, he only deduces this since Toma is not using Imagine Breaker to its full potential. So, perhaps past Toma knew about its true potential, maybe not. Either way, he does not know it now. Of course, Misaka heard all of this amnesia nonsense on the phone.

Toma’s rotten luck kicks in when the attack from the bomber seemingly kills the guy. He was so close to get information on his own power. Either way, later on this Right Seat member dies to the Saint member due to falling off the path. Misaka also thinks about the whole amnesia thing, and she is rather angry about it too to end the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

With the scale of the treat level rising, Toma’s amnesia being important is kicking in at just the right time. Now, seeing that the villain that knew about this and the lack of knowledge Toma has of his own power is dead, it is hard to say exactly if it will be important later on. However, Misaka knowing, I have a feeling she will try not telling Toma, just yet anyway. I do hope there are some reactions to this new information.

But, while this episode was fairly standard for Index, it did bring that amnesia and even Imagine Breaker’s origin into question, which hasn’t been done before. It is a major part in this series but so far has been treated as just being there. I heard that Toma later in the series tries to look more into this power, and clearly it is starting to show why he would. There is much more to it than just stopping magic or esper powers.

Still, it was a good episode and brought about a nice twist towards the end.

Overall Enjoyment: 100/100 And this is the last time I am putting this joke here for the rest of the series and stopping with the overall enjoyment part.

Overall Score: B+

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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