So, this is now the adaptation of the Battle Royal arc, I think. It is also the first arc without Toma. I think, at least with how this episode went, it would have worked well if Vol 8, or the two episodes that focused on Kuroko in Season 2 were like this. But, that has passed. Time to get right into it. There are right now 3 level 5s that appear in this episode alone, making all of them but three that has appeared in the Index series. One did appear in Railgun, but, never mind that for now, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Tsukimikado’s GROUP is going all out on a newly formed organization. Capturing enemies and really dealing with the underground organizations of Academy City.

Index S3 Ep 4 Pic 1

Accelerator returns from his trip in Europe.

Index S3 Ep 4 Pic 2

Also, the copycat face guy gets a new face after getting nearly blown up. I honestly forgot that was his magic power.

They stop an assassination at some point too.

Index S3 Ep 4 Pic 5

While the first half was pretty fast paced, it switches it over to Mugino, a level 5 who did appear in Railgun Season 2. She is rank 4, and Misaka is Rank one for reference. There are three others, one in which still has yet to appear in the franchise. But anyway, it turns out the Skill Out leader, he is now working with her and her group known as ITEM.

Anyway, they are on the hunt after a different group, either MEMBER or SCHOOL, there are a lot of groups this arc. They find out the group they are after has a level five of their own, and well things lead to another and a fight breaks out.

This episode ends with Accelerator hijacking a car to go after one of the groups.

Index S3 Ep 4 Pic 11

Overall Thoughts:

This episode felt a little all over the place. It certainly was not as slow as other arcs, but, I really hope everything doesn’t get resolved next episode. Since they would be shoving a whole volume in just two episodes. They have done it before and it did not work out great then.

Now, as for it feeling a little all over the place, I think this was due to the rushing of events with Accelerator’s group before switching it over to the new organization. It could have been nice to get two episodes for both halves, and at least for the first half it would have worked better if there was more time on those events. Unfortunately, it was this feeling of rushed story telling which me has worried for the next episode. It might not affect future episodes. But, considering what is being done here and an attempt at doing something new, it certainly feels like more time should be spent on it. This season is said to have 26 episodes, two more than the previous seasons.  I get the feeling they will cover the rest of the first series, which means times like this are bound to happen with some of the coverage.

The animation for this episode, it had a lot of CGI and even some real-world textures. Even without someone pointing it out to me, well, it was still obvious, not saying it was all bad, but there were still some issues. It mostly felt like in some cases it should not have belonged. I can understand differences in animation style, it has been 8 years since season two, but, again, some things felt a little too off both in storytelling and in animation this episode. While it is too soon to judge this arc fully off this one episode, this arc certainly has a rough start in the way it was covered. I hope it is not like previous arcs that only had two episodes or less dedicated to them since that is where Index shines the least.

More than anything it felt like my intrest this episode dipped. Perhaps it was the lack of Toma, but he would be too out of place if he was in this episode. I do not really know why. But I am leaning morefor how the story telling was done this episode.

Overall Score: C-

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