As much as I like Accelerator and these characters and even like the concept of this arc. There are a lot of issues with the arc as a whole. More on that in a bit. Let’s get right into it.

I would also like to apologize, due to how these past two episodes are, the quality in these posts certainly diminished, mostly due to how events are portrayed these episodes rather quickly, it is hard to keep up with all the new information. Normal quality will return (hopefully) next episode.

The Plot:

So much happened again. Last Order escaped, only to be found by one of Misaka’s friends, Uiharu.

Index S3 Ep 5 Pic 1

Accelerator gets into a fight at the same time as the other Level 5 guy. Both are attacked by a member of MEMBER, or maybe some other group, it is hard to keep track. Either way, both easily win.

There was something about the mercenary group, I forget their acronym. Anyway, they had over 5000 members waiting to storm the city. They also had no plan to attack the satellites, but instead destroy the surveillance on the city itself. They are also all wiped out.

Then Accelerator’s group goes to a prison, which can mess with their powers. They can still be used, but well, it runs the risk on not being used properly. This was so the mercenaries could get close to the teleporter to get to the head honcho of Academy City. After all the only way to get to him is by teleportation.

Index S3 Ep 5 Pic 7

The face changer guy meets an old friend turned enemy. So, they fight. Turns out she is now possessed by a grimoire. Then the episode did not reveal if he saved her or not from the grimoire fusion.

Anyway, Accelerator’s group turns victorious after a few fights and the other Level 5 guy goes to attack the other group with the other Level 5 to end the episode.

Index S3 Ep 5 Pic 9

Overall Thoughts:

This episode felt like it was trying to do too much. It follows the standards of the episodes, three episodes. But, so much is going on, between the organizations that keep appearing and who appears and just about everything in between. The character development is rather quick too this episode. It feels like everything needs to go a bit slower.

Now, perhaps my reasoning behind not liking these past two episodes is due to the dramatic difference it has compared to the rest of the series. There was no slow climb into the action, it was thrust upon this arc. There was no time to think or learn what is happening since the issue is solved rather quickly. This arc breaks the norm of the series and I think that is why I am feeling the way I do. It is not the lack of Toma, but the lack of the convention plots this series has stuck too. It tried to change too quickly and tried to become something it is not.

While it does do some things right, these few episodes have done a lot of wrong. Pacing is the biggest case here. Now, maybe the final episode in this arc will be different, maybe not. But, this episode certainly did not improve on the previous episodes mistakes. However, providing things change, I will still be open to more arcs like this in the future, and one will be this season too.

Overall Score: C-

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