Well, it is a Christmas episode. After this show started having a theme episode revolving around new year’s, it was nice to see they brought it back to another holiday episode at the end. Of course, I been receiving countless information that either this was the final episode or there is one more. Either way I am upset to see this show end or have one episode left. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, it is Christmas Day, and Illya is having a party. Shirou is already at her place cooking for his big sister, yes Illya is older than Shirou and is technically his older sister. Although literally every time I see the two together I seem to almost forget this detail. Anyway, while Shirou is doing the cooking one of Illya’s maids went out to pick up Rin, Sakura, Saber, and Rider. Rin and Sakura seem to be excited for this, since they get to spend Christmas at a castle…. even though Artoria is a king and Medusa well, she is just happy Sakura is happy.

Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Ep 12 pic 2

But the ride for the girls takes a dangerous turn, luckily the Rider Servant Medusa is here to save the day, and quickly takes the wheel to drive them up a 90 degree mountain and into the air. They later land safely. Lucky for Medusa she has a high rank for Riding skills.

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Meanwhile Illya’s other maid is judging Shirou, stating if he messes up the meal he is forever banished from cooking, at least at Illya’s place. So, the stakes are somewhat high for him.

When the girls show up they go help prepare the table and get ready for diner. The flashback then shows Shirou preparing some of the food at home.

After being praised for the meal, Shirou goes off and gets lost, only for the hulking man Hercules to finally appear. Even though Illya has appeared several times now, it is nice to see her Beserker servant still around. He brought home the Christmas tree.

The episode ends on a rather sweet moment of Illya getting Beserker her Christmas gift of homemade cookies in his image.

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Overall Thoughts:

For a hopefully not final episode, it was nice. It had a nice flow to the plot and ended on a rather sweet moment. The food felt like it took a backseat this time and it was more about preparation and spending time with one another. I really wish these episodes were longer.

It was nice to see Beserker, and honestly, I had doubts he would appear. But, it was fitting to introduce him, Illya needed a Christmas tree, might at well get the absurdly strong servant to go get it. Also, it was done in such a menacing way that made the spooky short scene to be pulled off rather well.

The ending was easily the highlight this episode, a nice happy moment with Illya and Beserker, two that are always suffering in the franchise.

So, probably obvious where I am going with this one.

Overall Score: A

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe