For the second year in a row, Kale and Caulifa.

please protect kale 3

But, as much as I would like to say that, Dragon Ball Super ended this year and all the episodes that aired only a minute of them was dedicated to those two, so, the real best girl is Chise from Ancient Magus’ Bride.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 10

Alright, what the Best Boy day I kind of only focused on one thing, time to talk about in-depth why I like Chise.

For starters, throughout the course of the series she starts off as someone who wants to die and sees no reason in living, except for the fact that she still does not fully want to die. She wants to be of use to someone and then she meets Elias, who then slowly helps give her meaning to her life. She goes from someone who cares more for others and slowly starts caring more for herself, so she may continue to help others.

Ancient Magus bride ep 16 pic 2

In the end of the series she realizes now that she has reasons to live and people who care for her she does not want to die and will try any means to make sure she can live.

The drama focusing around her and who she stands for makes more of an emotional journey as well as brings more life to her character as she changes a lot throughout the series. Since she is the main character it is nice to see this level of change throughout a series versus some series where the main character does not change too much in terms of goals, personality, and overall behavior and outlook on life.

It is reasons like this that make Chise the Best Girl of the Year.

Ancient Magus bride ep 24 pic 22

Anyway, who do you think is the best boy or girl of the year? Feel free to coment.

– Joe