Alright, so, now I get into the final few days where I can talk about anime that I see as the best of the year. So, like usual, I will not count sequels. I also only count shows on when they ended, rather than when they started. Otherwise it would not be a complete judgement of the show.

Which is why, although it began airing in 2017, the Winter season anime has to go to The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Now, keep in mind I did say since it is in my Top 10 anime I took it out for the running of best anime of the year, so the original show I was going to talk about here is actually that. So, there’s a hint.

Anyway, why do I like Ancient Magus’ Bride. Well, mostly the plot. While the romance element is nice, Chise’s character development is really what grasps me. I talked a bit about that on Day 4.

Ancient Magus bride ep 14 pic 10

As for everything else in this series, the romance, the art, and, again, I just realized I also talked about this on Day 2.

I really don’t want to repeat myself, but at the same time I don’t want to just link other posts to explain why I like it.

So, to keep it a bit briefer, just go watch the show.

What was your favorite show of the Winter Season? (Feel free to mention sequels)

– Joe