I know in the past the final day was to celebrate the best of the worse. But, honestly, none came to mind this year since I finished only good shows. I think I mentioned in at least this series of posts that I was going to do Worst Anime, but, when it finally came time to think about it, none were coming to mind. So, I tried to think of an alternative. Which brings me to Sequels.

I took sequels out of the running for best of each season and even best of the year. My reason for this was to celebrate new shows. But, this also means sequels get left behind, and certainly most of the shows I did finish this season were sequels, from Overlord, Attack on Titan, and well, the show that is probably super obvious that I would talk about today, A Certain Magical Index.

Index S3 Ep 1 Pic 6


Now, while I typically prefer that the show ends before talking about it, I am making an exception on this one. My reason for that is because I waited six years for this season to happen, the past year of blog posts have had at least one post a month dedicated to the older seasons of Index for reviews. So, I mean, when I talk about sequels, it is kind of obvious I was going to talk about this one.

I have to say, while rewatching season one, I questioned why I labeled this show as my second favorite. When watching the second season I was able to realize it again, as it was the first rewatch in six years. Season one I haven’t rewatched in at least three years. But, then the day finally came, and the third season began airing.

While I will admit so far this season the show has had some rocky moments, but there is always an arc or two in each season that I don’t like too much. I have some issue or another with it. This season that arc came rather early.

Index S3 Ep 6 Pic 11

But despite this, it does not change the fact I really enjoy this show, granted due to these posts, work, and way too much Monster Hunter World, I fallen a bit behind on weekly reviews. Index Season three, at least to me is the best sequel this year. It finally continues a much larger story that a lot of fans, myself included, thought would never get adapted. I mean, in the eight years since season two aired, the light novels have been picked up in North America and are almost running alongside where the anime is now adapting. Up until the recent arc it was ahead of them.

A lot has happened, and while I was lucky, only waiting six years, and not eight like some people, the wait is finally over, and for some fans waiting years for a sequel they might not ever get, it certainly makes the best of the year when it finally does get the sequel.

So, was there any sequels this year you were really looking forward to? Feel free to comment.

– Joe