Welcome, at what I hopefully will make a series of posts every now and again talking about various Apps I play. I know, the title of this series is a bad pun, but, I just want to give an idea of what the game is like, and a slight taste to it.

Before I begin, let me say this is my own opinion, your thoughts might change and your experiences may differ from my own.

I originally started to write this post back when the second anniversary of it hit Japan, back in September 2018. The 2 year anniversary is about to come to America, with their own new things, however celebration was done at least in Japan, worldwide. This included new characters from another series of Yu-gi-oh. So, it is not behind in any way around the world.

Let’s dial it back a bit. What is this game about:

Well, if you know what Yu-gi-oh is, that is what this game is. But, if you are a fan and have played other Yu-gi-oh games, this is different.

The game has you creating a deck of cards. These cards are divided into monsters, spells, and traps. Each player has a set amount of life, most cases are 4000. The player tries to deal damage to lower their foes points to zero.

Now, the game is different compared to others, simplifying it, but also changing it up a bit. It simplifies it due to limiting cards. This might be due to it being a phone app and making it easier on users. The card limit is 20-30 compared to the standard of up to 40. There are also skills, which some are more unique compared to others depending on the person they are using at the time. Some skills boost life points, making certain cards appear on the field, or allow drawing of certain cards.

All characters in this game, at the time of writing this, have appeared in the first three series of Yu-gi-oh. With events going almost constantly to bring in new ones.


Pay to Win vs Free to Play:

Is there a pay to win divide in this game, certainly. And one I have to say is much worse compared to some other games. Card boxes contain a little over 500 cards, and boxes can get reset in order to get more copies of the card there is only a single copy of. So, throw down some money and you can get that sweet Ultra Rare card three times and make your deck pretty great.

But, those that don’t take this approach, one, it is no big deal. New cards are added once a month in new boxes, and the gems to get boxes can be obtained via drops, pvp, pve, leveling up the well over 20 characters, login, challenges, and more. So, it is easy to clear a box with 200 packs in a month if someone knows what they are doing, without going P2W.

However, despite making it easy to get cards the Pay to Win issue is still there and can cause great divide only in pvp. Decks that are the meta are quickly built and used for months on end, making it tricky to get the advantage for free to play. But, Pvp is a very minor aspect of this game. But it suffers greatly, like all games with pvp and a paying system.



  1. Any time a new box comes out gems are given for free. Which always amounts to 10 packs.
  2. The events are done constantly, twice a month there are two big ones, and one that just boost drops or adds an extra login bonus.
  3. So many cards to choose from, characters too, so very versatile play style.
  4. Fun for fans of the original series. More for the original, and currently less for 5D’s fans due to it just being released.
  5. Constantly updated to improve meta game for pvp.
  6. Shared account, so if you have it on PC or your Phone you can have the same account to switch. You just can’t play it on both systems at once.
  7. Everything is released at the same time around the world, events, new characters, cards, and whatnot.


  1. Pvp does not have too much originality in decks. It took me over a year to build a good pvp deck, but even then, when you build a deck to the current meta it might not last long or cost a lot of gems to get.
  2. Runs slower on my phone. I now play on my PC, which is nice.
  3. Some cards that NPCs use, although this is more for the recent 5D’s update, well, they are not in the game. At least yet. However, there are other characters that have cards that are still not in the game after a year.
  4. There has been more frequent events in the last year that introduce new characters, but to unlock them might not be until after they appear several times to unlock them for some other event.


That is all that really comes to mind. Of all the games I played on my phone over the years, this one I have had a few times where I got burnt out, but still got the dailies. I still have been playing constantly. This compared to some others where I stopped after either a few weeks or month or two of playing.

Due to this, I am not going to give it a score of any kind, this is still a new series of posts, so I am uncertain if I will give any type of score in the future.

If you have any idea for games I could try out and talk about here, feel free to recommend some. If there is anything else I should or could mention in games, again, feel free to comment about that too. This is a new series I would like to do, so again, any recommendation helps it continue, and how this post was set up won’t guarantee future ones being the same way.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe