Wow, just, so glad this episode didn’t end with Toma showing up and giving a punch at the end of the fight. For once a fight involving him had him not take center stage. More on that in a bit. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Last episode left off with Kaori about to fight the other saint. Toma also left the hospital, but that doesn’t come up for a bit. Kaori starts up to fight the absurdly strong saint. He has a lot of power to him, from his saintly powers and being a member of the right hand seat. So, Kaori gets beaten pretty badly from the start.

Meanwhile, Misaka is walking home, seeing that everything in the area shut down. She runs into Toma and tries to bring him to the hospital. He refuses saying how he needs to fight. Then she drops the bomb how she knows about his amnesia and how he doesn’t need to carry the burden alone. Toma simply responds with how his past self is directing him, through his heart, and even if he didn’t have amnesia he would still be the same.

Back to Kaori, who is still getting her butt kicked. She wonders more on why her foe is so powerful. It turns out he does not only have the qualities of a saint and also born with qualities of the mother. So, he has a lot of lucky stars that allow him to maintain this power.

Index S3 Ep 9 Pic 5

Of course, Kaori calls upon her friends. She mentions the tragedy that made her leave, believing they were not strong. In fact, it was the opposite, she was too powerful and did not trust them. But trusting them was key in where their true strength was. It also turns out that the Saint Slaying move, should be double effective, and only didn’t work last time due to the amount of magic he used to protect himself.

Index S3 Ep 9 Pic 6

Not having any of this, the Right Seat Saint goes into a final attack. Toma shows up and blocks it, leaving enough time for Kaori and Itsuwa to deliver the final blow.

Index S3 Ep 9 Pic 7

The following day Toma wakes up in the hospital. So, Index is upset because of Toma leaving. While at first Itsuwa was impressed, she quickly sided with Index because he could have been seriously injured even more. Outside Kaori and Tsuchimikado talk and well, he convinces her to put on the fallen angel maid outfit. But, we don’t get to see her in it.

This episode ends with the leader of the Right Seat of God members talking to the Pope with a plan, to capture Index. The Pope doesn’t like this, and they fight. This doesn’t last long as the Pope just barely staying alive, but the plan to capture Index still is going into effect.

Index S3 Ep 9 Pic 10

Overall Thoughts:

I am glad that Misaka brought up knowing. While I do wish there was a better response from Toma, it was still a fitting one. It does seem like he shrugged it off, but, the fact he mentioned he does not feel like he changed at all, even forgetting everything, it still fits to who he is and how he has been all this time. Maybe something would be different if Toma remembered everything, maybe not, but I certainly believe him when he says he would still be acting the same and nothing is driving him that deals with his amnesia. Of course, this might have been different if this was not 16 volumes into a light novel series, but it is. So, this little plot line was going to be a bit complicated either way.

Now, while that was a bit of the highlight for the episode to me, this arc being solved without too much Toma was perfect. I like how for once it became down to Kaori’s morals against someone else. But also, with someone who has equal level of power. How they need to not use it at their fullest against the weak, and how it is not meant for purposes like that. Granted Toma’s weakness really became apparent this arc, but it still stands true. The fact he played no real major role in the final fight made the dialogue exchange more important. At the same time given the last two arcs, it is nice to see that the final fight is having Toma not always the center of the big fights. It certainly mixes things up and now three seasons in, it is nice to see some things done different, but also make it clear how the final fight could be like.

Anyway, it was a nice ending, and a nice break from the norm, without feeling too rushed or trying to do too much at once.

Overall Score: B

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