I am fairly certain last year I did a similar title for the update. Either way, new year with some new stuff planned, and honestly now that I am less depressed, I want to write more when I can. So, there are a few things come out this month that I would like to have posted.

For starters, a new season is starting, and I will say this Index S3 reviews will continue. Mob Psycho 100 S2 reviews will happen as well.

Over the next few days a few episode reviews will be out, the final for Today’s Menu with the Emiya Family, the episode 0 of a show I will review this summer, another Fate series, Lord El-Mellio’s Case Files as well as Index reviews.

I will not make promises, but I would like to try to get out either a Top 5 or another App post. I haven’t done season impressions in a while, and might do that as well, after I see what is coming out in the new season.

Now, I am not going to give some sort of New Year’s Resolution for the website. I feel like if I did, then I would not achieve it. Instead, I am going to make a goal for what I would like to try to do, which is rather simple, write more. I know last summer I mentioned I would like to try to get at least one non-anime related post out a month, and I think I will aim to do just that, be it games, movies, or anything really, I think that is a good place to start to help me write more. As for January with this goal, unfortunately right now nothing comes to mind when I think about anything not anime related, next month, march, and so on I already have a few ideas. It is just right now, I don’t.

I find it odd, trying to think of something to say. It feels like there should be something else said here, and honestly, I have no idea. Perhaps I got too straight to the point, and after the last year or so of feeling down and out of it, I want to make this year better, and write more, not just for the site, but my book as well. That is my main goal, and I want to achieve that.

Either way, I do have plenty coming out this month, even if it is slightly more than average for reviews, but still, I have a fair bit coming out, so Ii hope you enjoy.

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

– Joe